Top 10 Professions That No One Respects Today. Do You?

We all have to eat. While some pursue passion projects to earn income, others stick to grimy professions that prey on the poor and innocent to make a quick buck. The internet voiced ten jobs they no longer respect in 2023. Do you agree?

1. Tow Truck Companies

Loading broken car on a tow truck on a roadside
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“Correct answer, it’s legalized theft and extortion. The prices they’re allowed to charge to return your property tend to be hilariously poorly regulated,” someone writes. Another person agrees, “Towing is unbelievably senseless. Once it’s in a lot, the fee schedules for your car could mean that you being an hour late to pick up your vehicle costs you hundreds more dollars.”

2. Medical Debt Collectors

Medical Debt Collectors
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“An entire industry is dedicated to collecting debt from people who owe money for medical bills. People whose job is to hound those who got sick or injured and couldn’t pay for it. Imagine being the person who repeatedly calls a single mom whose kid needed an ambulance ride, threatens to file suit, get a judgment, and garnish her wages,” a member of an online forum explains.

3. Ticket Resellers

Ticket Resellers
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As someone who attends many concerts, I believe resellers have evil coursing through their veins. They purposefully buy out hundreds of tickets to prevent true fans from seeing their favorite artists, and then they outprice the tickets so only the wealthy can attend. Artists have set up verified fan sales to prevent scalpers from continuing this profession, but they always manage to log in.

4. Fake Talent Agency Recruiters

Fake Talent Agency Recruiters
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“They do these whole presentations (often in person!) to get new actors and models to sign up at the end with an initiation fee, sometimes in the thousands. Many people getting scammed don’t know the company is a scam until afterward when they look them up on Yelp or the BBB. The recruiter usually seems legit. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing that’s how they make the entirety of their income,” a commenter claims.

5. Poachers

Poacher with Rifle Spotting Some Deers. Hunter with shotgun gun on hunt.
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Somehow, illegally hunting and dismembering animals is still a profession in 2023. Shark fins and elephant tusks are among the most sought-after materials, and once the poachers get their hands on the fin or tusk, they desert the animal.

6. Televangelists

Speaker at Business Conference with Public Presentations. Audience at the conference hall.
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Televangelists differ from regular preachers because they demand money from their viewers for their followers to keep hearing the sermons. Typically, televangelists prey on innocent, naive individuals they can brainwash into donating more funds.

7. Paparazzi

Celebrity looking from car at newspaper paparazzi making shoots
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Lady Gaga’s 2009 hit, “Paparazzi,” put the photographing job into perspective. Although technically illegal, these workers stalk celebrities for the perfect picture. Photo agencies purchase and send the best photos to auctions, igniting toxicity.

8. Animal Breeders

Breeder woman feeding lamb with baby bottle
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“Animals are bred to suffer and live horrendous lives because of them. Mothers are forced to breed at unsustainable rates and are often left malnourished and gravely ill. Their puppies develop serious illnesses early in life, and many pass away within weeks of adoption. It benefits nobody but the cruel, irresponsible breeders,” an individual reports.

9. Call Center Scammers

Young handsome male technical support agent trying to explain something to a client while using hands-free headset at call center
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Respondents believe that some of the worst people are those that ring up several hundred phone numbers per day to sell a fake product in exchange for bunches of money. In college, I knew a girl whose boyfriend called older people and sold fake insurance to them for a profit.

10. MLM Pyramids

Young thinking pretty woman in red dress hiding behind bunch of money banknotes, looking upward, isolated on yellow background
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“My friend was the stereotypical MLMer on her FB posts, bragging about owning her own business, bragging about how much money she makes, bragging about being able to “retire” her husband,” a respondent shares. A few others have the same feeling toward the profession. Someone else adds that what makes it horrible is that they know the bubble is going to burst. These things only work so long. It’s why people never achieve anything by getting in at the bottom. “I don’t know how the people at the top of those things live with themselves knowing that they are just basically stealing from everyone else below them.”

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