Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Home

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Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

How You Can Make Money from Home

You’re looking to make a few extra bucks, and ideally want to do it from home. Because sometimes life gets a little too busy … a little too complicated … and your bank account gets a little too strapped.

But here’s the kicker —

There’s sooo much junk on the internet, and you don’t want to get roped into some crazy MLM or shady “make money from home” scheme, that it’s hard to know who you can trust.

Well, if you’re looking for some legitimate gigs, then I’m glad you stopped by this site.

Because the intent of this page is to provide links to Resources that can be used by both adults and teens to make extra cash on the side from home, and Reviews from my personal experiences with making money online.

No gimmicks, no trash talk, no “get rich quick & easy” ploys. These are real reviews, on legitimate side hustles that I’ve tried. Are they worth your time? Read more to decide for yourself —

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Surveys for Cash

This section reviews several popular (and some less known) survey panels that can be accessed on a computer or on your phone. The reviews also include my opinions on general profitability (whether or not they are worth your time, if you are mainly looking to make money online from home.)

Click the link above to connect to my Surveys page. This page contains reviews of all of the survey sites and apps I have used and my personal experiences with each of them.

You can definitely make money online by taking surveys, but they are an acquired taste for some. If you’re willing to put in the time, then definitely try out online surveys for money on the side. It may not make you a millionaire, but you will earn some extra cash.

Website User Testing

This section contains reviews and best practices for Website User Testing.

Companies pay people to test out their websites to ensure the layout, wording and functionality is clear and understandable. You can make money online by providing your valuable opinion to businesses who want to test how their websites are performing.

They may want feedback on the website design or search functionality. Or maybe they want you to go through a transaction to see how easy it is to use their checkout page.

These are all legitimate ways that you can make money online by being a Website Tester.

Price Drop Services

How I Earned Over $700 Over $2,000 Cash Back with Price Drop Services like Earny, Sift, Ebates and Paribus

This section goes over how to make some extra cash by shopping with the use of Price Drop Services, which could fall under the following:

  • Services where you need to initiate purchase through an actual app or website in order to generate an electronic trail back to your account. Then once your purchase has been validated, you receive a percentage or dollar amount back.
  • Programs where your email address or credit card is linked, so the service can identify when you’ve made an online purchase. Purchases are scanned on the backend and you are notified if a refund may available, due to a price drop. In many cases, the service will contact the store and submit a claim on your behalf for any refund owed (with minimal to no effort on your end.)

Some of the best (& legitimate) ways to make money online is by purchasing every day items, and getting cash back just for using these services. A great example of this is with Amazon shopping. While there is not a specific Amazon rebate app that I’m aware of, you can DEFINITELY make cash back by shopping on Amazon. There are several rebate apps that cover Amazon purchases, if you go about it the correct way.

Shopping and Rebate Apps

This section reviews popular (and not-so-popular) Shopping, Couponing, and Rebate apps. By this, I mean apps where you can “activate” special offers for cash back when you purchase specific items.

You activate the offer, go shopping as you normally would, and then scan your receipt as proof that you purchased said item. Once the scanned receipt is validated, you will be awarded the cash back amount to your account.

Online Consignment

This section reviews my experiences with making money through Online Consignment, including eBay, Swap.com and ThredUp.

Lots of people have items sitting around their house that are in great condition, but they just don’t have a use for anymore. A fancy dress you only wore one time. An expensive handbag you received as a gift, but really isn’t your cup of tea. Designer shoes that you wore once but decided they weren’t worth the blisters.

You can take your gently used clothing or accessories and make some extra coin on the side by selling through online consignment.

Print on Demand

Many people have been building a sizable side income through Print on Demand (POD). An example is Merch by Amazon, where you can upload your own graphics and designs onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and much more. Click above to read more about my journey into designing Merch t-shirts.


Crowdsourcing and Micro-Tasking Sites

This section contains reviews and recommendations on sites where you can sign up to perform short tasks, or micro-tasks. Crowdsourcing sites pay you to complete small tasks that may not be very complicated, but require human intervention.

Think of it as a way to insure our workforce will never be taken over by robots. Some things just cannot be automated, and require a real person to complete.

These are basically short, repetitive tasks that require a keen attention to detail. The more time you dedicate to these micro-tasks or micro-jobs, the more money you can acquire.

Earn Money by Clicking on Ads

Clicking on ads — is that something that can really help you make money online? There are people who absolutely love these types of opportunities.

Examples of ad-clicking sites would be getting paid to open/read emails or watch advertisement videos. While the payment per item can be low compared to other ways to make money online, the right person can benefit from the accumulation of these tasks.

Do you have time to spare, maybe while you’re watching TV or listening to music? If you’re good at multi-tasking, this side jam could be for you. And the best part is — this is perfectly legitimate. While it may seem silly to just sit there for hours watching or clicking on ads, these marketing companies are actually paying for you to do this. (Subliminal advertising at its best?? You be the judge!)

Focus Groups

This section addresses how to sign-up for online and in-person focus groups. Focus Groups are a great way to provide feedback while collaborating with others.

Some people find it easier to communicate opinions as part of a group, so you can help one another build out a collective response. At times it can be difficult to verbalize exactly how you feel. When you are exposed to the opinions of others, it can help you determine your own response, whether it’s in line with what others are saying, or if you hold a differing opinion.

Focus groups can have many different formats. Popular ones are: online chat groups, webcam interviews, mobile phone video responses, live surveys with online moderators, in-person at a central location, or even on the regular telephone.

Websites where you can search for and join focus groups:

Accelerant Research

Focus Group Interactive

User Interviews

Plaza Research

Survey Squad (Focus Forward)

20|20 Panel

SIS International Research

Fieldwork NRC



Everyone has something that they are good at — whether it’s writing, drawing, singing, organizing, programming — you name it.  Freelancing websites allow you to market those skills to potential buyers. This could result in either short or long term assignments, depending on what the buyer is looking for.

Maybe they need someone to design a new web page, or brand logo. Or maybe they need someone to consistently provide short articles as content for their blog. The possibilities are really endless, and these sites allow you to connect with clients you may not have found otherwise.

Websites where you can apply for freelancing jobs/tasks:






Product Influencer

There are communities out there where you can provide feedback on products and services, build a social following, and potentially make money for providing honest and thoughtful reviews.

And once you build a large enough following (increasing your circle of impact), businesses can send their products to you, with the intent of having you use them and then share your honest feedback.

Websites where you can apply for product influencer jobs/tasks:


Product Tube



Renting Out Items You Own

So here’s a really interesting concept — and definitely a unique way to earn some extra income. Picture a peer-to-peer rental marketplace where you can save money on items you need, and also make money on the items you own.

Fat Llama is a company that allows you to rent out your personal items to others in your own neighborhood. They go by the mantra that sharing is the future, and experiences are more important than owning stuff.

Let’s say you need some tools to work on a backyard DIY project. Or you want to paint your bedrooms, or your house. You can go to the local home improvement store and spend hundreds of dollars on items you’ll use maybe once every few years.

Or you can go onto the Fat Llama website, find someone in your neighborhood who owns such tools, and rent them at a fair price. No need to break the bank on things you’ll rarely even use.

The concept for Fat Llama was developed in 2015 in the UK and quickly became an online success. Now Fat Llama is expanding into the US.

Here is some basic info on how it works from the Fat Llama website:

  • Fat Llama is a fully-insured online marketplace for lending and borrowing anything
  • It’s a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows users to lend and borrow stuff locally.
  • All items are free to list on the platform and are insured up to the value of $30,000.
  • Fat Llama will only take a commission (15%) if you make a successful rental on the platform.
  • Lenders can list just about anything from cameras, sports equipment, musical instruments and home wares
  • Trending rental categories include: Film & Photography, Campers, Drones, Video Projectors, Bikes

Miscellaneous Ways to Make Money Online From Home

This section is for all other opportunities that don’t fit in the above categories.


Bank Bonuses

We all know how important it is to start saving money, even if it’s just a few dollars here and there. Know what’s even better? Getting FREE money just for opening a bank account. So you can feel good about setting up your rainy day fund, PLUS earning a bank bonus for a new savings or checking account.

Digital Reflection

Get paid for having your home computer and/or cell phone connected to an advertisement monitoring device

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Make money by scanning your grocery, retail and online store purchases

Selling your Junk Mail for Cash

Yup, that’s exactly how it sounds … This company pays you to mail all of your junk mail to them. They even provide large postage paid envelopes for you to send it all back to them.

Earn Money by Scanning your Receipts 

There are a bunch of companies that will pay you (or award points) for scanning your grocery store receipts into their app. Each company has its own unique requirements on what types of receipts they’ll accept. The link about is specific to the Fetch Rewards app, with more to be added.


Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Easy & Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online from Home

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