Review Yield Crowd: Real Estate Meets Crypto

Many people are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios into real estate. With inflation eating up more than 5% of their savings account each month, real estate can provide a better return on investment over the long run.

Many are keen on U.S. real estate but don’t live there or have the personal connections needed to access the market.

Most real estate investment trusts (REITs) require investors to be “accredited” and set the bar for a minimum deposit anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000. This discourages smaller investors who desire to invest but not so much capital. There seems to be crowdfunding for everything besides a smaller investor wanting to diversify.

There are several important factors to remember when investing in Yield Crowd.

The Minimum Is Only $1000.

Most people are only willing to park their money in something they have personal experience with. The great thing about the low minimum buy-in is first-time investors can get their toes wet without diving in head-first. You can first invest the $1000 minimum and decide if you want to invest more a few months later.

This way, you can test the waters first, and if the asset is not to your liking, you can sell your tokens.

Investors can always check out what projects are in Yield Crowd’s pipeline, their plans to renovate, and other pertinent information about upcoming deals.

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You Can Sell Your Tokens

Liquidity is always necessary to investors, even if they don’t expect to cash out for a long time. If you make a large purchase and suddenly need to liquidate your investment, you can do so with Yield Crown. Simply sell your tokens, take your profit, and move on.

You can convert the platform’s tokens quite quickly into your local currency with blockchain technology.

Having fast access to your own money is essential. This assurance is critical for those who may buy a flat or another significant asset in the next few years. When you are ready to sell and move on, you can do so when you please.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the future. All transactions may be done this way someday.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies protect your money from government control, intervention, and surveillance. Blockchain technology with crypto is a secure way to store your cash for those who cherish their privacy.

Don’t fret if blockchain tech seems intimidating to you, though. Yield Crowd’s system and interface are easy for first-timers to use. Simply follow the prompts on how to deposit and buy the tokens.

Passive Income

One great thing about using this platform is the passive income you receive is issued in USD Coin. This is a considerable tax benefit if you live in a country where you only pay taxes if and when you convert tokens into the local currency.

Suppose you keep all your passive income (and principal) as USDC. In that case, you will soon accrue enough to do blockchain-based transactions for several years.

With passive income, all you have to do is check back every so often and check on the progress of your investment. When investing, you want your money to continue to grow even when not doing anything with it.

This is truly a hands-off approach. So if you’re going to invest in something and put it on autopilot, this may be an excellent choice for you.

Banks Have Already Loaned Yield Crowd $45 Million

Banks only loan money when they are confident the borrower will repay. Yield Crowd has been entrusted with about $45 million, which means those institutions believe it to be very creditworthy. That is a show of confidence in their property purchases and the solvency of Yield Crowd.

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Yield Crowd brings a high level of transparency to its operations. You can see the projects they are investing in, how much they cost, the renovation plan, and if they will keep it long-term or sell for a profit. Following the latest updates on each project can inform you of your next steps as an investor.

Yield Crowd is a good platform for smaller-time investors, and you can start with as little as $1000. Make sure you understand the technology and related risks before investing your money.



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