10 Best RV Destinations in the U.S.

The United States has some of the best national parks in the world. Names like Yellowstone, Everglades, and the Grand Canyon make lists of the top travel destinations year after year. Here are ten of the best U.S. parks perfect for RV enthusiasts.

1. Joshua Tree, California

Sunlit Joshua Trees (Yucca brevifolia) and rocky crags with blue sky, Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Desert, Twenty Nine Palms, California, USA.
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Joshua Tree National Park is known for its unique desert ecosystems. Joshua Trees are Mojave desert staples home to multiple species of birds and lizards. The RV area rests next to Sportsmans Park, and visitors enjoy the spectacular sunsets, sunrises, and an endless expanse of desert plants and species.

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Colorado River, USA
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If you have an RV, the Grand Canyon should be at the top of your list. The national landmark hosts millions of visitors yearly and for a good reason. The entire drive provides a scenic getaway with breathtaking sunsets, sunrises, and miles and miles of stunning craters, canyons, and cliffs. Visitors can white water raft, hike, and ride horses through the canyon.

3. Yellowstone, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Pool at Yellowstone National Park Colors
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Suppose you’re looking to reconnect with the wilderness while experiencing one of the best national parks in the United States. In that case, you need to head to Yellowstone. The official Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming. However, the land also spans through Idaho and Montana. While traveling through the park, check out the infamous Old Faithful geyser for an eruption every 75 minutes, but the true landmark to witness is the Midway Geyser Basin. This multi-colored, largest hot spring in the U.S. invites visitors to marvel at its beauty.

4. Zion, Utah

Angels Landing, Zion National Park, USA
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Utah boasts beautiful canyons, rivers, and scenic hikes, but the best, by far, is Zion Canyon. The National Park showcases the best of Utah’s wildlife, such as miles, rock squirrels, bighorn sheep, and foxes, and the landscape presents astonishing orange cliffs, greenery, and waterfalls for the public to gaze upon.

5. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park
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A gorgeous getaway known as Glacier Park sits in the crux of Northwestern Montana and the Canadian border. The park offers over 190 campsites for RVs to stay while scoping out the 56-mile expanse of beautiful land. Check out Lake McDonald, the largest lake in the national park, at ten miles long and 500 feet deep. Trek through Avalanche Lake, a 4.6-mile hiking trail filled with brooks, mountain goats, sheep, and sometimes bears.

6. Denali, Alaska

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Not only is Denali the tallest peak in North America, but the National Park is also one of the best places to bring an RV. The park offers guests six campgrounds to choose from and boasts a wealth of activities to add to your roster. If you’re looking for wildlife, check out the Igloo Creek Campground, where bears, moose, and dear tend to roam nearby. Park tours, dog sleds, hiking, river rides, and off-roading occur during the year.

7. Acadia National Park, Maine

Beautiful fall colors of Acadia National Park in Maine USA
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Maine is one of the most stunning states in the United States. Acadia National Park proffers three RV campgrounds and 27 miles of roads; however, due to the grounds restoring historical significance, the roads are narrow and can lead to congestion. Guests enjoy Mount Desert Island, a Maine staple of rocky beaches and high peaked mountains. If you travel to Acadia in the colder months of the year, you might glimpse the Northern Lights!

8. Everglades National Park, Florida

Airboats tours
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Ever longed to see an alligator up close? The Everglades National Park offers airboat rides, where a professional leads you into the swamp and gives guests a tour of the marsh the alligators call home. In addition to gators, watch for manatees, Florida panthers, and leatherback turtles. Do not forget the bug spray.

9. Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River, Texas

Rio Grande River flowing through a Canyon along the Mexican border in Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA
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Check out the Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River in Texas if you want a serene solo trip. The National Park climbs across 196 miles of Texas, near canyons, desert, and rock along the Rio Grande River. Due to the setup of the park, many visitors kayak or canoe along the river while gazing at the canyons and rocks.

10. Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, an American national park in the southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California
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Stargaze in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Sequoia National Park. As the name suggests, the California state park possesses numerous sequoias, ancient, strong-rooted tall trees. Campers adore the sequoia spectacles and the crystal cave, a natural underground formation full of stalactites and stalagmites. A tree tunnel invites guests to the park also.

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