22 Schengen Visa Interview Questions & Answers

Are you looking for the Schengen visa questions to prepare for? In this post, we’ll go over the Schengen visa interview questions and answers so that you can be prepared. 

If you are reading this, it means you are prepared to or have already applied for a Schengen visa, and you are curious to find out the questions that will be asked during the interview you are anticipating with the consular officer at the embassy.

We have compiled a series of commonly asked questions, including their answers, to help you out. Ensure you read through each question and answer to help prepare and ease your mind.

Preparing for a Schengen Visa Interview 

Schengen Visa interview is not all about submitting documentation alone; rather, it involves a deep communication visa interview between the applicant and the representative of a diplomatic office asking specific and detailed-oriented questions to determine if you are worth giving a Schengen visa.

The interview is a normal aspect of a visa application, not just for a Schengen visa but for any country visa.

However, we will be considering general or concurrent interview questions intended for the Schengen visa interview.

However, these questions are relevant and applicable to any type of visa interview in other countries.

Oftentimes, questions asked are not just primarily about the information provided in your visa application and supporting documents; even unusually personal questions are asked by the diplomatic official.

Most times, the essence of the interview and the questions asked are geared towards knowing more about the candidate’s situation in the aspects of vociferousness, answerability, frankness, and accuracy.

To help you out of the loop, we have compiled below commonly asked Schengen Visa Interview Questions. We’ve also included answers that will help guide you to prepare yourself and to answer your best in a visa interview.

These are the Schengen visa application questions to prepare for. 

Who Needs a Schengen Visa?

According to Visaguide.world, “every citizen of each country that is not part of the Schengen Area and whose country doesn’t have a Visa Facilitation Agreement with the EU needs a Schengen visa in order to enter any of the member countries. Those who are under the visa-free regime will be required to apply for ETIAS starting from May 2025.”

 Q1: Are You Married? If Yes, What Is Your Spouse’s Occupation? How Long Have You Both Been Married?

Give the interviewer the exact date you got married because any wrong or insecure answer on years of marriage will imply an attempt to give a false answer.

Q2: What Is The Purpose Of Your Trip To The Schengen Country?

This question is commonly asked, and you should already prepare your answer before leaving home.

Do not stutter, but be confident in answering this question by mentioning your travel itinerary during your stay in the Schengen Country.

It would be best to provide specific details.

Q3: Where Do You Live In The Country?

Give the Interviewer the exact address of your residence. Peradventure, you reside in a temporary residence. Make sure you provide details of the two homes.

Q4: What Is Your Educational Qualification? Do You Have Plans To Study In Any Of The Schengen Countries?

You should mention your highest educational qualification. If you have intentions to study in any of the Schengen countries, mention the course you are interested in studying, the country of your choice, and the year you plan to apply for the course.

Q5: Where will You Stay During Your Trip?

Mention the exact places you plan to stay and provide evidence that you have booked these places.

Preferably, you can name the establishments. If your accommodation has been prepaid, you can mention it to the interviewer.

Q6: Do You Have Covered International Travel Health Insurance For This Journey?

You should answer this question directly with a yes or no. If you have covered insurance, provide proof of the covered health insurance for the period of stay in the Schengen Area.

If not, explain clearly how soon you will get it and possibly send an e-copy as evidence.

Q7: Which University/College Do You Study At? Are You On A Scholarship There?

This question is peculiar to students. Mention the name of the tertiary institution you study at to the interviewer. Plus, the address of the institution. If you’re there on scholarship, explain the terms/conditions of the scholarship. You can also present your college ID.

Q8: When Are You Traveling?

You have to mention the exact date you will be traveling. Also, make sure you clarify the return plan to show the Interviewer your intention not to overstay in the Schengen Zone.

Q9: Do you Have any Family Members/Relatives or Friends Residing in the Schengen Area?

It is best for you to prepare a list of all your family members/relatives and friends living in the Schengen Area ahead of time before the interview.

Q10: Is Someone Traveling with You?

If you have a companion for the trip, make sure you clarify the relationship you have with your companion(s). You can mention the person(s) name, age, citizenship details, and employment status if you are traveling as a group.

Q11: Is this your first time in the Schengen Area?

A simple yes or no to the question is enough. You can further give reason(s) why you intend to travel now and the places you plan to visit.

Q12: Can You Show Your Bank Statement?

Do not hesitate to show the document of your bank statement to the official.

Q13: Have You Bought the Flight Ticket?

The answer is best given by providing evidence of your flight ticket.

Q14: Are you Financing your travel? Or a Sponsor?

If you are financing your trip, say so and present your bank statement as proof of financial support. If it is a sponsor (parent/guardian, spouse, employer) who is financing your trip, provide his/her contact details as well as his/her income statement.

Q15: What Schengen Countries are You visiting on Your Trip?

Make sure you have made a list of countries and places in the Schengen zone you plan to visit from home. It is best to present your travel plan/itinerary, showing the order in which you will travel. Also, include the dates, places of visit, accommodation, and travel arrangements for each country.

Q16: Why do You Think we Should Grant You the Schengen visa?

 You have to be at your wit to answer this question. Mention your admiration and interest in the Schengen culture and how you are eager to visit and experience the culture for yourself. You can also give stronger reasons, like you are planning to pursue higher studies or to work in the Schengen Area, and this holiday is the window of opportunity to help you make an informed decision.

Finally, mention that you have the financial resources necessary to support yourself throughout the trip and return to the country.

Q17: Why do You Need a Visa for such a Long Period? Can You Reschedule A Shorter Trip?

When asked this question, don’t be nervous or scared. You mention your desire to sightsee different tourist destinations within the Schengen Area and that you cannot do that within a short period. However, express your openness and readiness to shorten your visit should there be a requirement from the Embassy to shorten your trip if needed.

Q18: How Are We Sure You Will Return Home Within the Visa Allowed Period?

You don’t need to fidget when you hear this question. Give the interviewer an idea of your important relationships and educational/professional/personal affiliations in your home country that serve as a reason(s) why you must return, such as your family, continuing studies, a candid ongoing job position, business, property, or other strong reasons to convince the representative of the diplomatic office.

Q19: When Last Did You Pay Your Income Tax?

The essence of this question is to test your financial background as well as your honesty. You also must answer truthfully and accordingly.

Do not hesitate to show the document of your bank statement to the official.

Q20: Have you visited any other Schengen country before?

Mention the countries you have visited in the Schengen zone before, including dates of travel. You can also provide copies of your previous visa or passport stamp as evidence. Mention the purpose of your travel and why you wish to revisit the Schengen area.

Q21: Do you have a Leave Approval Letter from Your Employer?

This question is for employees who wish to travel on holiday. So, be sure to carry along the Leave Approval Letter from your employer with you during the interview and present it to the interviewer.

Q22: Do you Intend to Take Up a Temporary Job/Internship in the Schengen Area?

Expect this question if you apply for a long-term visa. Try to reassure the interviewer that you will abide by all the visa regulations during your stay and will not take up any form of employment unless legally allowed.

If you have been selected for an internship program, submit the internship offer letter for evaluation. Also, submit the contact details of the individual/organization.