8 Ways to Sell Gift Cards Online

Check out these marketplaces where you can sell gift cards online instantly for cash!

Gift Cards are loved by consumers all over the world. They can also be called gift certificates or gift tokens. To simplify its definition, gift cards are an alternative to cash issued by a bank or a retailer. Over the years, storing gift cards on a phone has become more common.

The best thing about using gift cards is that there’s little chance of theft or loss unless the situations are extreme. When you use cash, there’s always a chance of loss, and you don’t feel safe in any way. All you have to do is treat the gift cards nicely and not damage those stripes on the cards.

As far as retailers are concerned, there are huge benefits to selling off gift cards. First of all, it’s a unique selling proposition that can build brand awareness. It allows more and more customers to engage in your product lines and what you have to offer, thus increasing the scale of operations. They are supposed to increase the cash flow at the same point in time. It provides a straightforward distribution too.

Sometimes, customers want to use their cash cards only partially. They wish they could convert it into hard cash. Selling gift cards is easy and simple in this day and age. You can easily sell them online. All you are required to do is pay a specific commission on a website where you would like to sell your gift cards.

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

Here are some of the best places to sell gift cards:

1. Raise

It is one of the largest marketplaces to sell off gift cards. The good thing about selling off your gift cards on Raise is that it can happen as quickly as 24 hours of listing or even earlier. There are too many people surfing around Raise because they also want a discounted price for gift cards.

Once the transaction is done, you get paid through PayPal. Everything is very secure about Raise so that you can feel comfortable about the transaction of your gift cards. You can name your own selling price, and it depends upon the customer if he would like to buy it at the same rate or not. Raise takes 12% of the selling price when you make the sale.

2. CardPool

You get several advantages with the use of CardPool. When you go to another platform to sell gift cards, it will take time to set up things. Then you will be required to set a price for your cards. It is further going to take you some more time to attract a customer who would like to buy it.

With CardPool, you can sell off the cards almost immediately. But what’s more intriguing about this platform is that you can get paid immediately after the transaction is done. You can also get the payment in person at various business houses. You can get 92% of the card value through CardPool, meaning the app takes a very low commission for giving you a platform.

3. ClipKard

Most other platforms will have restrictions on what gift cards they will sell and what they wouldn’t. There are no such restrictions on ClipKard. They will buy any given gift card on the market without much of a dilemma. You have to put some information regarding the gift card on the website. You can choose whether to get paid through PayPal or other means. With each payment, you also have a great chance of getting rewards.

4. eBay

You must have heard this name before. eBay is one of the most used platforms for selling gift cards. It is safe for customers as it performs various precautions to keep all its users at pay. When you sell off your gift cards on eBay, it allows you to meet a huge amount of customers. It increases the chances of your gift cards getting sold. The only drawback is that you will have to give it a lot of time before someone buys your gift cards. There are chances of various fraudulent activities on eBay as well. So you must take each step carefully when reaching out to a customer regarding the gift card.

5. GameFlip

Gamers usually win a lot of gift cards. It happens with people playing online games as they have a higher chance of earning gift cards. GameFlip provides you with a great platform to sell off your gift cards.

You get stream cards, Xbox Live, Amazon, and Google Play cards when you play certain sorts of games. Millions of gamers are always using this marketplace. Thus, the reach of gift cards becomes wider on its own. It will also guide you on how to sell your gift cards easily. All in all, you should give it a try, especially if you’re a gamer and connect with the gaming community.

6. CheckIntoCash

As the name suggests, this platform is basically meant to convert checks into cash. It also gives you an opportunity to sell your gift cards. They accept a number of brands that are only accepted by some of the other websites.

With gift cards, if you buy them from an unknown source, it will be challenging to sell them off as those sources might not be listed on the marketplaces. When it comes to CheckIntoCash, you get great options to sell those gift cards. Also, CheckIntoCash will pay you almost instantly.

7. CardCash

It is a platform that is well-suited for buying and selling gift cards. You can buy the gift cards from CardCash itself and sell them off at a later date earning a great number of profits on the same. The most effective quality of CardCash is that you are not necessarily required to have a PayPal account. You can transfer the payment directly to your account as well.

Other than that, checks are always an option to be used too. CardCash can give you as much as 92% of the card value, which you might not get on any other marketplace, no matter how popular they have become over a period of time.

8. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is meant for you if you need a marketplace where you can sell your gift cards without any hassles. To be precise, it is the simplest platform to buy and sell gift cards. You get an impressive 92% of the gift value back after you sell it to some other party.

Most of the popular brands are listed on Gift Card Granny. You can sell it off in a number of ways. If you want a quick payment, you can choose the sell it now options to find the buyer immediately. You have to name the price you would like for the gift card, and the response will be found sooner rather than later.


Q1: Is It Possible To Sell Gift Cards Immediately?

Yes, it is possible to sell gift cards immediately. You have to find the right marketplace in order to do so and make quick money.

Q2: What Are the Advantages of Having Gift Cards With You?

If you want to avoid selling the gift cards, there are still a lot of advantages. One of the premium advantages is that you can use them to get exciting cashback on shopping websites.

Q3: How Much Will I Get From the Gift Card’s Value When I Sell It on a Marketplace?

It differs from marketplace to marketplace. Some may offer you up to 92%, while some keep around 20% of the commission for themselves. You have to choose the right marketplace.

Q4: Where Can I Earn Gift Cards?

You can earn gift cards almost anywhere. The most popular platform to earn gift cards is Amazon since they can be used anywhere without any restrictions on their use.

Q5: Is It Safe To Sell Gift Cards?

If you choose the right marketplace to sell gift cards, it will, for the most part, be safe. You have to make sure you’re using a platform that gives you high value.

Sell Gift Cards Instantly Online

Right now, almost everyone is online. With gift cards, it gives you freedom of choice. Gift cards are usually very secure and more secure than cash. Due to their easy access and convenience, gift cards have become immensely popular, increasing their demand amongst buyers and sellers.



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