Shabby Chic Beach Wall Decor

The old and weathered look of Shabby Chic is a beautiful style to use when decorating coastal homes. The comfortable, warm, and familiar feel of the furniture and décor of this style are attractive to the eye and the senses. But how do you select items for a Shabby Chic Beach Wall Décor?

Shabby Chic Beach Wall Décor can add splashes of color to a neutral shabby chic palette. Adorning the walls in the blue and green hues of the sea and weathered, distressed painted items of wood adds simple beauty to this décor. Add sand and seashells to wall décor to enhance the beach feel.

If you plan to decorate your space in a Shabby Chic beach style, then read on for some great ideas on wall décor for this theme.

The Look of Beach Shabby Chic

Shabby chic, the worn and lived-in look, with its neutral palette, is the perfect style for coastal homes. Add splashes of color from the ocean in hues of greens, blues, turquoise, and hints of apricot and pinks from the sunsets, to accentuate and intensify the beach vibe.

Choose lovely wall decorations with a coastal feel to add charm, flair, and color to your shabby chic beach décor. You can search online, visit thrift shops and coastal gift stores, or look on the beach to find treasured items for this style.   Or you can choose DIY projects.

Not sure what to look for? Here are a few shabby chic beach ideas for decorating your walls.

Reclaimed Shabby Chic Wood Carvings

Choose big and bold carved-out images with a beach theme made from reclaimed wood.   A beautifully carved anchor, sea turtle, seahorse, or a boat painted in distressed white with accents of blue or green will look perfect hanging above the sofa. You can hang two or three of the same items in a row or stagger them against the wall for a more significant visual impact.

Coastal Gallery Prints In Shabby Chic Frames

Hang a selection of printed pictures of the sun setting over the sea, seashells on the sand, seagulls in flight over the ocean, or any other coastal scene. Choose shabby chic frames of the same size in beige or white with a hint of apricot distress paint. This is a lovely wall decoration to hang in the dining area.

A Vintage Shabby Chic Beach Vibe Mirror

Add a vintage touch to your shabby chic décor and add a stunning mirror in a vintage frame. Choose rough wood reclaimed from railways, old barns, old window frames, or driftwood. Bring some color to your décor and select distressed frames painted in green, blue, or caramel.

Seashell Rope Garlands

Bring the seashore into your home with garlands of shells from the ocean. You can make this a family DIY project. Collecting seashells has always been an age-old tradition, so keep this up and ask your family to bring you their beach finds. 

String seashells on a thin rope to make long, beautiful garlands. Drape these garlands on your wall mirrors or above the fireplace. Another idea for seashells is to hang the garlands on a piece of wood to make a wall hanging

A Nautical Headboard With Vintage Oars

Line the wall behind the bed with a row of old wooden oars for a stunning headboard. Paint the oars in a distressed fashion in white or beige, or you can add a touch of color and use green or blue. A striking way to make the headboard the focal point of your bedroom’s shabby chic beach décor.

A Large Wooden Framed Wall Clock

Choose a large clock to hang on the dining room or kitchen wall. Made from pieces of stripped wood and painted in the blue and green colors of the ocean, this shabby chic look will fit in perfectly with a beach vibe.

Accentuate Drab Walls With Wallpaper

Make a big splash on your décor by accentuating the walls with beautiful wallpaper in patterns in the beach sand and ocean colors. Splashes of muted colors in beige, white, and different shades of blue and green will look amazing on one wall. Paint the other walls in a darker hue of blue to complete the shabby chic look.

Crate Shelves For The Bathroom Wall

A lovely décor idea for the bathroom is to place a shelf made from an old crate painted in distressed white and beige with touches of pink. Roll up some pretty towels and put them on the shelf. Add a few scented candles, some seashells, and a tall glass bottle filled with a few sprigs of dried lavender.

If you need more storage, hang two crated shelves, either staggered or one above the other. Place a scented diffuser on one of the shelves, so your bathroom always smells divine.

A Barn Door Gets A Beach Feel

Find an old barn door and paint it in distressed white, blue, and green colors. Place the door in a corner against the wall, or you could stand it against the wall in the dining room, hallway, or passage. Or you could cut the door in half lengthwise and glue together at an angle and place three shelves along the length of the door. 

This will make a beautiful feature for any wall. Add some beach items such as pieces of driftwood, a wooden sailboat ornament, and a pretty glass jar half filled with sea sand on the shelves. This shabby chic beach wall décor will be a feature for any wall in the home.

A Seahorse Coat Hanger

An easy DIY project is to make a coat hanger. Attach three hooks to a piece of wood of any size. Look around the stores for wooden beach items such as a seahorse, turtle, or anchor that will make a hook to hang clothes on. Paint the coat hanger in distressed colors to suit the room’s palette. 

A beautiful and practical shabby chic adornment for the wall of any room. Use it to hang up jackets in the hallway, towels, and robes in the bathroom, or sunhats and umbrellas on the patio.

A Weathered Ladder

A beautiful wall ornament for displaying your photographs or for hanging blankets or towels is a ladder. You can search the stores online, or you can make the ladder yourself with just a few pieces of wood and some paint.

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Add splashes of color and texture to Shabby Chic beach décor with beautiful decorations for the walls. Touches of reclaimed wood, distress-painted items, and beach or sea elements such as seashells and sea sand all add to the lovely coastal vibe. 

The alluring and cool greens, blues, and turquoise colors from the sea, the neutral tones from the sea sand, and the warm, soft pinks and apricot from the sunsets create a beautiful palette for the shabby chic beach décor.