Should You Build A Beach House?

Building a house on the beach is a dream many of us have, but unfortunately, we don’t all have the opportunity to do it. Whether you are planning on staying in your beach house, using it as an Airbnb, or want to rent out the home to have an extra income, the idea sounds very appealing. However, this opportunity rarely comes without consideration, leaving some wondering, should I build a beach house?

A beach house can be a great benefit and source of income but can also cost a lot of money in maintenance and the building process. It may be a good idea if you have the money, patience, and energy to build a beach house since these properties tend to sell for a profit.

Though the general concept of building a beach house may be a good idea, there are plenty of aspects that need consideration before you can set your mind on starting the project. Not only do you need to ensure you have the fund and time to complete the project, but you also need to ensure the property is safe and secure and that you will be making the correct investment in your future.

Why You Should Build A Beach House

As stated above, building a beach house, no matter the reason, can be a great idea if you can afford to do it. Not only can you make your dream come true, but there are a lot of other benefits to look at when you deal with property, and beach houses are some of the most sought-after. We provide some positives below to emphasize best why you should build a beach house.

Building A Beach House Is A Great Investment

One of the most significant factors you need to deal with when investing in property is the property’s value and whether you have the winning or losing side in the property value game. If you buy real estate in a bad part of town, there is a more significant chance that the value of that property will decrease than purchasing a house in an up-market area.

When buying a property, you can rarely go wrong with buying and developing a beach property. Whether your property is on the beach or a ten-minute walk from the beach, the property value will likely increase if the house is maintained and the area is safe enough for people to want to live there.

Since not everyone can afford a beach house, the market for beach houses is a bit smaller but also a lot more exclusive, meaning that you can almost guarantee a reasonable return if you choose to sell the house in the future. If you have the option of building a place close to the beach, it is good to remember that the closer your home is to the water, the higher the price may be.

Having A Beach House May Have Health Benefits

Though this may sound strange, there is a real chance that having a beach house benefits your health. Though you may be somewhat skeptical about this, there is a reason why this may be the case, and it makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

The sound of the ocean is the first reason a beach house may benefit your health. There is reason to believe that the sound of the waves crashing in the distance helps calm our thoughts and relax our minds. Though this may sound like a “new age” thing, if you enjoy being on the beach, I have little doubt that you have experienced this phenomenon.

The natural draw to be outside is the second reason staying on the beach can positively influence your health. If you surround yourself with natural beauty, you are more likely to go out and enjoy the scenery and the sun, which provide you with vitamin D and fresh air. The fresh air and the sun are very beneficial to your health and can also make you feel happier.

The ability and space to exercise are another reason why having a beach house may benefit your health. Though running on loose beach sand isn’t always the most fun form of exercise, having a jog on the part of the beach where the sand is more packed can be a great way to get and remain in shape. And though this is not for everyone, taking up a sea sport like swimming or surfing can also help.

Having A Beach House Can Be Good For Retirement

Though you may not be thinking of this right away, there is no denying that retiring on a beach is one of the most excellent ways to use your beach house in the future. If you’re young and want to stay in a city to make money, you can rent out the house for a passive income, and when you retire, you can move to the place yourself and enjoy the sunset over the ocean every night.

Not only does this mean you can save on accommodation when the time comes that you can’t work anymore, but you also have all the health benefits and the scenery to keep you happy and enjoying your life when you may most need it.

Even if you, at an older age, don’t run or jog anymore, you can still go for a walk and admire the natural beauty of living by the sea. There is also the added benefit that for many retired folks, fishing is a great hobby to take up, which is a lot easier to do when you live close to a large water mass.

Beach Houses Serve As A Great Passive Income

Though I mentioned it in the previous point, you should not underestimate the power of a passive income. If you are building your beach house to retire in one day, there is no reason why you cannot rent it out while you are still living somewhere else. Since beach properties sell for a lot, they also rent for a lot, which is a great way to create a passive income and have some extra money.

You don’t have to rent out your house for a single contract either, and there are many opportunities, including renting out rooms, renting your beach house as an Airbnb, or even using it as a guest house if you have some people you can employ as staff. The potential income you can have from renting your property is enough to make many consider the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Why You Shouldn’t Build A Beach House

Though there are some great reasons why you should build a beach house, before you make your choice, you have to be realistic and examine why you shouldn’t start construction on a beach house. To help you see the negatives of building a beach house, we emphasize and discuss some of them below.

Damages And Maintenance

Whether you’re staying in your beach house or not, there is always the chance of damage to the home caused by a storm or other natural disasters. It would help if you also considered that building on a beach is less than straightforward and may come with troubles and dangers involving the house’s structure, weight, and support.

Though building the house is an extensive process that needs a lot of thought and attention, the troubles don’t end there. Once you have completed the building process, there are other things to think of, like possible damages and the natural deterioration of beach houses.

Damages to the house may occur if you build the house in an area known for having bad storms or earthquakes, and other types of damage may occur even when you consider everything in the general area. For example, though you may not think it’s a big chance, if you are close to the sea, there is, unfortunately, the possibility of a tsunami damaging your home.

Another damage you need to consider is the natural wear and tear of the house due to wind and seawater. Seawater, with high salt content, harms almost anything it touches, causing the wood to degrade and even metal to rust. Because of this, you may need regular maintenance or repairs on a beach house.

Everything Is Damp, And Sandy

Though you may not think these two aspects are a deal-breaker, they are something that you should at the very least know of and consider when building a beach house. The closer you are to the beach, the more likely you will have sand everywhere, and the smaller the chances are of your not being damp at all times.

Whether you love the ocean, walk and swim on the beach every day, or simply enjoy the sound of the waves in the distance, you are unlikely to escape the sand and dampness. As someone that stayed on the beach for a little while in the past, when you go more inland and finally feel what dry clothes feel like, you may feel tears of joy forming.

The problem is that, especially in the afternoon and evening, when beaches get very windy. This wind not only carries sand all over the area you live in, but it also brings the spray and water particles the waves release when they break, which is why everything remains damp if it isn’t lying in the sun for a long time.

Building a beach house is probably not the best idea if you dislike the feeling of sand under your feet or anywhere else. Additionally, if you do not have the means to dry your clothes, towels, and bedding wholly and often, you may also want to reconsider.

Beach Houses Can Be Hard To Sell

Though the profit margin on the sale of a beach house is usually quite good, if the market isn’t in your favor or if people ate struggling to scrape by, it can be quite hard to sell a beach house. Since beach houses are most commonly bought by the wealthy, if there aren’t people around that have that money, your beach house may be for sale for quite some time.

Though the housing market is usually a good investment, there may not always be opportunities to sell when you need the money. Beach houses are a luxury that not everyone can afford, so you may be stuck with a house on the market until someone with enough money comes along.

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Things To Consider Before Building A Beach House

Having looked at both the positives and negatives of building a beach house, it’s time we discuss some of the most critical factors. If you’ve decided to go ahead with the building of a beach house, these factors can influence the process and the expenses, and if you’ve decided against it, these can either build your case or make you reconsider.

You Need A Good Location

Where you decide to build your beach house is ultimately up to you, but you should consider the area carefully before making a purchase.

The area your house gets built in can influence the possibilities of damage in the future, like for example, there are flooding areas that you should avoid to save yourself from possible expenses if your beach house floods. Additionally, you need to ensure the site is safe from other things like crime and other natural or manufactured issues.

Building a beach house on a beach next to a bad part of town will influence how much you can get for the property if you sell and may also affect your health and wellbeing if you choose to stay in the beach house.

Use Good-Quality Materials

Good-quality materials and a well-thought-out house structure can save you tons of money on maintenance or other damages caused to your property. Using materials that will degrade quicker may seem like the cheaper option, but in the long run, you may pay more to keep the house in good shape if you use lower-quality materials.

Additionally, if you plan the structure of your house correctly, you can ensure that your home will be natural-disaster-proof. For example, though it may seem scary, building your house on stilts can save it from floods and some storm damage.

How Your Furnish Your House Matters

Though this is less about building your house and more about the furnishings, there is a reason why your furnishings matter when you stay at a beach house. Some types of furniture are not suited to the beach climate. Before you buy any new expensive things for your beach house, you should ask whether it is suitable for the specific environment as this can save you some money in the future.


Building a beach house is a dream many of us grew up having, and if you have the means to fulfill that dream, there is little that can keep you from doing it. There are positives and negatives to building and owning a beach house, but the choice is always up to you. However, if you do not have the resources to spend on this development, I suggest staying out of extra debt if possible.