10 Smart Travel Strategies To Avoid Exhaustion and Illness on the Road

Traveling can be grueling for some people, and there are many things you can do to prevent getting sick or exhausted while abroad. A recent online travelers’ forum discusses their wellness tips when away.

1. Multivitamins and Elderberries

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A seasoned traveler shares their regimen for long-haul journeying, no matter where she goes. To maintain energy and physical strength while abroad, her go-to combo includes multivitamins and elderberries before traveling, with probiotics while on the trip. I think that covers it — oh, and a saline spray for dry nostrils.

2. Germ Warfare

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I recently saw a video clip about a lady who brings an arsenal of cleaning materials to every hotel room she visits. Other travelers have a similar — albeit less extreme — method. From Chloro wipes for the airplane to hand sanitizer, plug-in air fresheners, or hand sanitizer suspended from a neck chain, staying hygienic is non-negotiable for many people.

3. Jet-Lag No More

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A great method for losing long-haul jet lag is only to eat when you are on land. By fasting on the plane and eating between each flight leg, you can train your body to regulate when it needs energy. A study found that mice could regulate circadian sleep patterns better through a lack of food; this natural defense means the body reserves energy consumption until necessary.

4. Dry Air Be Gone

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Some air passengers suffer from extremely dry conditions, leading to nasal problems. Certain travelers claim that drinking coffee is terrible for your already dehydrated system. I prefer buying a large mineral water bottle or bringing a good 15-20 ounce refillable that the kind air service workers can top up. Furthermore, running your hot shower and humidifying your hotel room on arrival can alleviate dryness.

5. Avoid Salad

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Ironically, cut vegetables and fruits are more likely to present bacterial risks to the uninformed traveler, especially in a street setting. Some jet setters say that if an eating establishment doesn’t look like it serves salads, you may want to just go for the protein course. I once saw cilantro sitting in a bucket of water in a Mexican restaurant restroom. I asked them to hold the cilantro when I sat back down to order!

6. Keep It to a Minimum

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I once read a mom’s holiday itinerary for a three-day stay in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which looked like a tourist’s shopping list. I advised her to cut the box-ticking sightseeing down and leave some room to rest. When you go anywhere new, it is important to keep your body in the fight, though equally important is not to try and see it all — you may miss the main attraction.

7. Electrolytes 101

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Whether taking hydration tablets or supplementing your sodium intake, keeping your body’s fluids up is essential. A week of accumulated dehydration from a tropical beach holiday sipping cocktails at the pool bar. Some people bring daily electrolytes in gel, tablet, or powder form — I prefer to drink lots of coconut water and fruit juice.

8. Eye Masks and Earplugs

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One of the last aspects of foreign travel most tourists plan for is noise pollution. I don’t remember how often I have been woken on flights or by irritating early bird-type hotel guests stomping down the corridor. For light and late sleepers, foam earplugs and daylight blindfolds are the way. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy your day when you haven’t slept properly.

9. The Sprawl of Shame

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If you are like me, you detest any energy-sapping stress at the airport, especially the sprawl of shame at the counter after your check-in bag is overweight. You can feel the patronizing sympathy from the silent onlookers as you rummage around, looking for heavy objects that will fit in your carry-on. Two things I always avoid like the plague: running for flights and the sprawl of shame.

10. The Alcohol Question

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Considering so many people travel to resorts to make the most of the bottomless Margaritas, there are many reasons not to drink while abroad. In some countries, they sell relabeled fake brand liquor, sometimes distilled from wood or even chemical toxins. One extremist traveler ensures not to drink any beer she hasn’t opened. Unwashed and reused beer bottles can contain all kinds of bacteria, so prudence is essential.

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