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Why Do Surfers Wear Boardshorts?

Editorial credit: lazyllama / If you surf regularly or want to surf, you may have recognized that boardshorts are the unofficial uniform for this water sport. When the water is warm enough, surfers wear boardshorts as they hit the …

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What Jet Skis Do Surfers Use?

Editorial credit: Brian A. Witkin / When you look at jet skis towing skiers into the largest waves in Nazare, Portugal, Jaws off Maui. And Mexico‚Äôs Puerto Escondido, it seems that they are doing the impossible by staring death …

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When Should You Not Surf?

People are addicted to many things in life. Some addictions destroy the user’s existence, while others have the power to transform the soul. Surfers are addicted to the soul-transforming world that lies between the sand and the horizon. Telling a …

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Can You Surf In Miami?

Surfers will tell you that it is thrilling to catch a great wave. Unfortunately, not all beaches in Miami have swells suitable for surfing. Finding a great spot can be challenging, especially if you are not a local surfer. Although …

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Best Beginner Surf Spots On The East Coast

Surfing and catching the best waves are a thrill. But when you are a beginner surfer, you need gentle smaller waves to ease into it. It’s an excellent idea to learn how to surf at a beach where the waves …

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