10 US Cities Americans Are Willing to Trade for an International City

Having lived across many parts of the world — including America — I hold a unique perspective on the difference between American and international cities.

I have lived in major cities such as Cairo, London, Doha, and Ho Chi Minh, though I also spent three years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While living in America, I visited countless other cities, some of which were mindblowing; others, I couldn’t wait to leave.

Swapping Cities

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Some Americans are posting in an online forum which cities they would happily trade for an international equivalent. However, some thread posters see it as a joke, so they are dreaming-up scenarios in which residents of two cities are forced to trade!

1. Mexico to Missouri

Taum Sauk Mountain
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Mexico City, Mexico with Mexico, Missouri,” is the first comical suggestion. “Mayhem.” I can only imagine Mexicans having to adjust to a small-town Missouri diet. At least they will have lots of corn for their recipes!

2. Rome to Wisconsin

rome on a budget

Romans would not find this suggestion funny. The agricultural town of Rome, WI, has a population of 2,700. However, quick online research shows how writer Mark Scarborough released a 100-year centenary book charting Rome’s agricultural roots to its current heyday as a “cultural Mecca.” I guess it all depends on perspective!

3. Istanbul to Texas

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“I’d swap Istanbul with Southlake, TX,” suggests a Texan who understands the remit here. “That would make it easy to do all the sightseeing I want to do there without giving up anything of value.” Another Southlake resident has a different preference and says, “I’ll trade that one for Troy.”

4. Orlando to Brisbane

Caladesi Island State Park
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“Hey Australia, I’ll trade you Orlando for Brisbane; what do you say?” posits a hopeful Floridian. However, Brisbane residents are not so sure freedom-loving Orlandoans would tolerate Queensland’s legislation which is “more progressive than California.” Surely, this is hyperbole?

5. China to Maine

Beautiful sunset over the Victoria bay in Hong Kong, China
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“Maine would get really weird once you stuffed all of China into China, ME,” observes one commenter. Imagining the whole of China’s population trying to fit into the state of Maine would be movie-worthy material.

I recall when younger that the world’s population could stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the Isle of Wight, south of the United Kingdom — I am not sure it could anymore, though.

6. Detroit to New Zealand

Detroit Michigan
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Like a used car, Detroit has seen better times. Its previous owners took better care of Motown than the current ones. Therefore, some residents covet New Zealand’s modern, shining cities. “New Zealand can have Detroit,” one commenter proposes, “and we’ll take either Queenstown or Dunedin.”

7. Paris to Arkansas

Paris, France
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One American Parisienne would prefer the European version — if only to stir up some trouble. “I want the mayhem,” says the Arkansan. “I’m laughing at the Parisians having to acclimate themselves to Arkansas folk,” chimes another Arkansas joker. “I, for one, welcome our new French overlords,” says a third.

8. Boston to Tokyo

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One thread member makes their point frank: “Exiled: Boston; replacement: Tokyo.” There would be some culture shock in store for Japanese residents, but at least they will always have a Dunkin’ nearby. “New England and its sports fans must be punished,” a visiting Californian jokes.

9. Seattle to Madrid

seattle space needle
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“Trade Seattle for Madrid,” says an American who has lived in several major US cities. However, a Seattle resident has a different — albeit similar — idea. “Seattle with Seoul,” is their prompt retort. Maybe the Pacific Ocean connection is a factor here?

10. Camden to the Cotswold’s

Newark, New Jersey, USA skyline on the Passaic River.
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Anyone who has seen Clarkson’s Farm on Netflix may dream of a rural, English countryside setting. “I’d trade Camden, NJ, for the Cotswolds in England,” one such daydreamer insists. “Instead of a crime-ridden city, we’d get rolling English countryside.”

Source: Reddit.

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