10 Terrifying Travel Experiences That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

Even if you don’t choose haunted destinations on your trip, supernatural, creepy, and downright weird instances occur. Here are some spine-chilling incidents travelers encounter.

1. Traveler Turns to Prey

Someone shares the story of when a puma chased them to near death. According to this globetrotter, they looked over the Argentinian lake when they heard leaves and bushes swishing behind them. They slowly turned to face a puma, and thankfully the locals told them if they encountered one, don’t run; instead, they made noise and threw items toward it but not at it.

2. Missing Abroad

My college hosts Winter Terms, three-week intensive abroad programs catered to a specific discipline. One of the years, a class traveled to New Zealand, and during a hike, a severe rainstorm struck the island. One student disappeared in the rain, and the course looked and looked for the missing girl but didn’t find her. Days later, authorities uncovered her body.

3. Followed by Border Control

This person’s Dusseldorf trip surpassed expectations until they arrived at the airport. A border control worker began to follow this woman, asking incessant questions about Turkish men, insinuating he wanted to eat dinner with her and take her on a date.

He kept shouting questions at her, not allowing her the chance to respond. The worker watched airport security her pat down and followed her through the airport until the duty-free section, where she ducked away from him and hid.

4. Muddy Steps

During a vacation in India, a traveler writes they checked into their hotel and noticed a cracked window and muddy footprints leading to the bathroom and the bedroom. They inspected the room and didn’t find anyone.

5. Breakfast for Ghosts

Cash goes quickly on trips. Especially if you don’t have a set budget to follow. One traveler claims they were tight on money, so they found the most budget-friendly room they could. The cab driver informed the escapader a bunch of escorts stay at the hotel and laughed as he dropped them off.

According to the trekker, strange noises and an eerie feeling permeated the hotel room. In the morning, they spotted the breakfast room with multiple place settings but no one else in the hotel.

6. Dog Trap

Another gallivanter expresses their scary story during a Colombian exploration. A group of dogs jumped on the woman, preventing her from returning to her hostel. Since the dogs made boisterous noises, her hostel owner noticed the attack and came out to help. She says a local man coached the group of dogs to attack women.

7. Not My Father

One solo traveler writes about encountering a man convinced of their familial bond. Both passengers boarded the train, the girl tried to stay to herself, but the man continued to converse with her and offer her snacks. Since she doesn’t eat food offered by strangers, she politely declined, and he reprimanded her, insisting he has the same qualities as her father.

Several hours and a seat change later, the woman fell asleep and awoke to the man shaking her and imploring her to come back and sit with him. She screamed at him and called her actual father to pick her up from the train station.

8. The Relentless Cab Driver

My mom shares the scariest travel story that occurred in Spain. She hopped in a cab on the way to see her university friends, and as she approached her destination, the cab driver locked the doors and wouldn’t let her out. She pleaded with him, and eventually, one of her friends tracked down the cab and cursed him out.

9. Dancing Man

London is bizarre. After dinner with a few friends, we returned to our hotel and saw a strange man swaying near a tree. He grabbed a long string of material (that looked flammable), threw a few jars on the ground, and grabbed his lighter. We bolted across the street before he lit anything.

10. Bed Bugs

A Thailand trip turned terrifying when a guest awoke to hotel staff shaking them and moving them to another floor. The hotel had a rampant bed bug issue and accidentally gassed floors leading to the demise of a few hotel guests.

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