10 Big Things Americans Are Not Ready To Hear According to Europeans

Buckle in, America: Europeans are about to lay some cold, hard truths on you. There are some things that Americans aren’t ready to hear, and recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal all the things that Europeans would love to say to the United States in general. It’s an eye-opening look into how America is viewed from across the pond!

1. Getting an Education Shouldn’t Bankrupt You

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In modern-day America, seeking a college education often means incurring tremendous debt. To many Europeans, this is puzzling. In their eyes, every human has a right to a proper education, and nobody should have to go potentially bankrupt to better themselves. It’s a valid point — and I’m sure countless debt-laden Americans agree with it! 

2. …and neither Should a Hospital Visit

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Unfortunately, wanting a college degree isn’t the only thing that causes Americans to declare personal bankruptcy. Hospital visits are prohibitively expensive in the United States. This fact flummoxes many Europeans who are used to universal health care in their home countries. When will the United States seriously look at overhauling its current medical system? 

3. Sugar Doesn’t Belong in Bread

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By European food standards, most bread produced in the U.S. is classified as pastries due to its high sugar content! Europeans would love to tell America that sugar isn’t needed to make great bread. “If you go to the grocery store here in the United States, it is near-impossible to find bread without sugar being high on the ingredients list,” says one European. “I’ve tried, and it’s beyond frustrating.”

4. Tipping Is Stupid

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Europeans are baffled by the American tipping culture, wondering why U.S.-based companies can’t pay a living way to their servers and bartenders. It’s a valid argument shared by Europeans and Americans alike! As a former bartender myself, I often wondered how the United States became so tipping-centric in the first place. 

5. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Is Creepy

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Can we be honest with ourselves as Americans and agree that reciting the pledge of allegiance is creepy, especially when children are forced to do it in schools? “As an American, I didn’t realize this until I studied abroad and my European friends told me they didn’t have an equivalent,” confesses one man. “The only time I’ve heard of something similar is in North Korea. It’s actually super creepy.”

6. You Don’t Need a Giant Truck for Your Commute

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It’s official: Europeans laugh at Americans for spending needless money on oversized pickup trucks. Some Europeans theorize that some Americans are overcompensating for certain shortcomings! Regardless, these people have a point: nobody needs to be driving a glorified boat on wheels to commute to and from their office job

7. American Football Is Boring

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Compared to the nonstop action of European soccer, I can’t argue with Europeans who think American football is boring and slow-paced. “I watched one American football match once, and it was endless stop-start, stop-start throughout the entire thing,” reveals one sports fan. “I swear it felt like there was a break for advertisements every five minutes.” American football is littered with ads; I can’t debate that!

8. Worshipping Politicians Is Scary

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According to many European citizens, the fascination and worship of specific American political figures is scary. Politicians aren’t rock stars or Hollywood actors; they are public servants. When Americans put their politicians on a pedestal, it confuses millions worldwide, making them wonder where Americans’ priorities lie. 

9. Stop Being Scared of the Word “Socialism”

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Countless Europeans express shock that Americans constantly lump the word “socialism” in with “fascism” and “communism.” In addition, they argue that socialism is prevalent in many European nations, and citizens seem to be pleased with it! “There is nothing wrong with trying to set up a system wherein people who could use help actually get help,” explains one woman.

10. Switch to the Metric System Already

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The United States has famously dragged its feet with joining the rest of the world in using the metric system. Europeans chalk this up to stereotypical American arrogance. By not switching to the metric system, the United States actively chooses to make everything more confusing! It’s time for America to make the switch. 

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