Grocery Shopping at Home: 11 Bold Remarks About People Who Rely on Online Delivery

A lot of people are turning to online grocery delivery as a way to save time and energy. But I recently saw a post that says, “People who only get their groceries delivered disgust me.” That’s a strong statement and it got me thinking – what do other people really think about those who rely on this service? Here are 11 bold yet entertaining responses from different people around the world.

1. Keeps Me On Budget

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Remember those grocery trips when you only need a couple of things, but come home with a full cart? With online grocery delivery, you can shop with an exact list and budget in mind. “I get my staple groceries delivered, it’s nice, and it keeps me on budget. But for things I need fresh (usually bread), or for anything special or extra that comes up and isn’t part of my typical meal planning, it’s a trip to the supermarket,” shares an online user.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

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One person confessed they would never trust anyone other than themself to pick my fruits and vegetables. “Besides, wandering around the grocery store late at night is highly therapeutic, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Another alleged, “They purposely give you the bruised fruit when you order food deliveries. Besides, I enjoy the shopping/meal planning portion of cooking. So I am picking out decent fruit and veggies and such.”

3. People Get Joy in Seeing Your Orders Messed Up

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“One of my favorite moments at my old job was when a guy ordered buns, bacon, and sausages, but we were out of the bacon and sausages, so he just got some buns delivered to his house,” explained one.

“Seeing the driver going off with that bag made my day. I would have just rejected the order, but the shop wanted to keep rejections down to zero, so enjoy those buns!”

4. Grocery Store Parking Lots Disgust Me

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Another argued for grocery delivery, “Grocery parking lot behavior is even more disgusting—especially the people who get their miserable spouse to park the car right at the store’s door.

And block the exit lanes for everyone else because they’re too lazy to walk there to their vehicles and load their groceries like everyone else. And also the people who don’t put their carts back, I’d order and avoid that anxiety instead.”

5. The Shopper Was Incompetent

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Someone confessed, “I got groceries delivered once when I had Covid, and the delivery person messaged me like 20 times asking stupid questions about specific items. Like, he didn’t know what pate cat food is. I can’t imagine putting up with this every time I get groceries. So, no, thank you.” Several others expressed, “The shoppers are incompetent.”

6. Heavy Packages Are Alright for Delivery

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“I have the heavy, and the packaged essentials delivered, but go in person for the fresh items like bread and fruits and vegetables,” declared one.

“I used to use a nana trolley for everything, but getting things delivered is more accessible than going on public transport laden with groceries.” Others made allowances for people using public transportation.

7. Toss in Uber Eats and Door Dash

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“No, you are not the only one disgusted by this,” admitted another. “I think even worse than that is Door Dash, and Uber Eats, etc. because people know how awful and predatory those apps are towards their drivers AND their restaurant clientele, and they use them anyway. So they’re terrible for supporting that system.”

8. It’s Allowed for Disabled or Elderly People

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Many agreed that disabled and elderly people are the exception to the grocery and food delivery rule. One person who did grocery delivery stated, “Online woke people love to say it’s ableist or whatever to say you shouldn’t do it while making someone work under minimum wage and barely tipping after manually doing all your grocery shopping. 

If you’re disabled, it’s great. But if you’re 25 and lazy, go to the store like a normal functioning human and stop taking advantage of people and then not even tipping them. Have you seen gas prices? You all suck the most, and you know it.

9. I Refuse to Believe Them

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Another admitted, “I refuse to believe people are too busy to go to a grocery store, which is open practically all hours, and buy their stuff and drive it or drag it home. It’s pure laziness, and it is disgusting.”

10. It’s Normal in Europe

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“In the European city I live in, ordering groceries online is the norm, even before Covid,” one explained. “That doesn’t mean people don’t pop out for a cake, cheese, or wine or skip through the farmers market on Saturday morning.

It means they get the staples delivered every week. It saves time and money as there is less room for impulse purchases, which can decrease the old BMI and save money on groceries. So what is it with Americans being disgusted by everything?”

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11. Grocery Delivery is a God-Send

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Finally, one admitted, “Grocery pickup and delivery is a God-send for families with little kids or babies. Taking my four-year-old to the grocery store is an ordeal, and it’s only more complicated since his sister was born in the fall.”

Several others agreed that it makes sense for parents of little ones, reiterating it’s the lazy Zoomers that disgust them most.

This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.

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