Here Are 11 Stereotypes That Pop Up When Someone Talks About Canada

Stereotypes surface when it comes to discussions about a certain country; each one offering a unique, often amusing perspective on it and its people. From their hearty love of hockey to their unfailing politeness, assumptions about Canada certainly keep things interesting. A recent online forum stirred up a whirlpool of conversations as participants dived into the world of Canadian clichés, so you might want to grab a cup of Tim Hortons coffee.

1. Niagara Falls

The Niagra Falls
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How can we not mention the breathtaking Niagara Falls, one of those must-visit places that we only see on postcards? Folks imagine taking romantic walks by the magnificent waterfalls, flying over the scene on a helicopter, hopping on a boat for an awe-inspiring tour, or perhaps just marveling at the natural beauty from a distance. With the glorious rainbows that often grace the sky above the falls and the renowned light show in the evening, it’s no wonder Niagara Falls is on top of this list!

2. A Good Time

Business woman in city center looking at view of skyline skyscrapers in Toronto downtown , Canada.
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Several thread contributors agree they’ve had much fun in Canada. They say it’s just like America, but with less bad staff. The clean subways, beautiful parks, and cool museums are a wholesome experience. One responder remembers their good times, laughing at quirky potato chip flavors at the grocery stores and marveling at transparent dollar bills.

3. Polite People

Canadians Are Not Americans, Okay?
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Another adds that people in Canada always smile at them when they walk by. They don’t seem judgemental, and they’re so polite. As if that’s not enough, Canadians would water their plants, pick their fences and walk their dog. They are splendid people.

4. A Myth

happy people
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Can someone confirm that Canada is real? A responder says there are too many calm and adequate people in Canada. It’s unreal. They continue that people there know how to think. Canadians can adequately examine world and personal events. This reduces anger levels, and nobody insults the other. They’ve never lived in such a place.

5. Tim Horton’s

Friends drinking coffee
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Numerous answers cover the sad fact that Tim Horton’s, which was initially an important part of Canadian culture, is no longer what it used to be. One commenter recounted when things went left at the start of 2013. They were drinking enough coffee then, and they identified the difference immediately. Apparently, McDonald’s and Tim’s swapped coffee bean suppliers.

6. Less Everything Bad

Happy family with single child
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A contributor says they spent part of their childhood in Canada, which was great. It’s less busy, loud, dirty, and crazy. They remember it as a nice, quiet, and happy place.

7. Universal Healthcare

medicine, healthcare and people concept - smiling doctor with clipboard and young man patient meeting at hospital
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In a world where you’re one medical ill away from a financial crisis, universal healthcare in Canada is enviable. One responder shares that the system there works via triage ad, not on a first-come, first-out basis. Patients with more pressing problems get priority. You may arrive at the ER ahead of 20 people but get served last if they have objectively urgent conditions.

8. Hockey

Ice Hockey
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Most people agree that Canadians are born with hockey sticks in their hands. They say that some suburban communities have rinks in their local park.

Hockey is probably Canada’s biggest contribution to world sport. It’s the country’s national winter sport. The game unites Canadians and cuts across geographic, socio-economic, and cultural lines.

9. Geographic Vastness

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A Canadian states that they think about the fact that they are best placed in case of a disaster. They believe Canada is best positioned to survive the war, climate change, an apocalypse, or any other calamity.  Being brought to life in such a country is the source of all their adventures, even though it may seem boring. 

10. Cold Weather

Young woman feeling cold and sad outdoors winter time.
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Another individual said that when they hear Canada, they immediately remember the three hours they were freezing in the cold. They say that the CBSA officers at the border decided to amuse themselves by asking for inaccessible documents. Since there was no cell signal in the area, they could not access the documents via their cell phone. This resulted in detainment.

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11. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup
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Finally, several commenters said they associate Canada with maple syrup. The country produces 85 percent of the maple syrup in the world. The forests are full of majestic black, red, and sugar maples. It has the right balance of cold spring nights and warm daytime temperatures to make lots of the clear-colored sap that creates maple syrup.

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