It’s Just Easy on the Outside: 11 of the Most Common Tasks That Are Harder Than You Think

The handyman inside us often takes out our curiosity and hype, pulling us towards fascinating common tasks. These activities, while seeming simple at a glance, cleverly mask their actual intricacies. We might even think of them as straightforward, no-sweat tasks. Once we delve into the process, we realize it’s not as easy as it initially seemed. Being a subject in an online forum, these tasks, according to people, can go from easy peasy, lemon squeezy to hard fart lemon tart.

1. Playing The Triangle

Girl playing a musical triangle
Image Credit: Depositphotos.

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic look of the humble triangle instrument—striking it might appear easy, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s mainly a breeze for those blessed with a musical bone, but for others, not so much.

One can’t help but chuckle recalling a user’s experience with their friend who fancied playing the triangle. They’d josh about its simplicity until they picked it up. “They actually hold the damn thing and look stupid,” the user shared. 

2. Drawing Something From Memory

Smiling female student doing homework by laptop at cafeteria table
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Someone stirs up a challenge. They say, “Go draw a bicycle from memory right now. Just take a pencil and paper or open paint at this very moment and draw with your mouse.”

We know all art is beautiful, but without looking it up, that might be one hideous drawing with no resemblance to a bicycle. “Turns out everyone knows what a bicycle looks like, but almost nobody can draw it correctly without looking it up before,” they add.

3. Actually Doing Things

Excited euphoric happy young man holding reading paper postal mail letter amazed overjoyed by good news, got new job celebrate taxes refund receive salary payment loan approval sit at home table
Image Credit: Shutterstock/fizkes

Oh, the existential struggle nearly every human faces. Many people struggle with procrastination, which hinders their ability to get things done. So, they may have every task planned on their to-do list but stare at it and whisper “later” till later turns to the next day, and the next day turns to never.

4. Digging

Worker digging trench at construction site for pipeline or for wall
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

You might see this in the movies, where a person picks up a shovel and start digging into the dirt and swinging their arms — some even do it for fun, to bury things. It probably looks like something you should try someday, too, for fun. Well, you would be disappointed.

It’s more complicated than they make it seem in zombie movies and more challenging than Joe Goldberg makes it look.

5. Beekeeping

Beekeeper collecting honey selective focus on a honeycomb and bees
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Although I’ve considered nothing involving bees an easy task, many people think of beekeeping that way. A contributor explains, “You see videos of these old dudes in their veils and beekeeping suits, and it makes it seem so relaxing and easy. Turns out that bees aren’t so good at finding enough food on their own, and they can get sick really easily, and in the winter, they can mold. Have you ever seen moldy bees? Sometimes they’re not even dead.”

6. Using a Wheelchair

Content handsome young disabled student with headphones on neck siting in wheelchair and looking at camera in modern library or bookstore
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

When someone can only use a wheelchair to move around, they get used to it, and it looks more natural because it is their only means of transportation. A person who uses a wheelchair says it is hard to discuss their accessibility problems with people. “They often don’t believe me because they see how I can navigate and assume that it’s easy – just because *I* make it look easy,” they say.

7. Finding The Person You Always Saw Yourself Falling In Love With

couple with ring
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

The lifelong search for love can be challenging and depressing. However, instead of waiting to find the person you always saw yourself together with, focus on being the right one for someone, and the right person would come along. That may sound preachy, but it’s the gospel.

8. Flying Remote Controlled Helicopters

Guy in sunglasses controls drone with remote control, top aerial view
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

It surprises me to find people who aren’t Tom Cruise that think this is easy; it’s not. It may look effortless in the movies; two guys wearing a headpiece, slouching in their seats, and sharing jokes, but it’s brain work.

An individual describes it as “balancing a marble on an upturned bowl.”

9. Physical Examination On First Sight

medicine, healthcare and people concept - smiling doctor with clipboard and young man patient meeting at hospital
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Ground Picture.

Imagine walking into the doctor’s office for a diagnosis, and he takes one look at you and accurately “guesses” your problem.

Why do you think they spend centuries in medical school? They’ve spent years perfecting their craft, so they can take one look and “guess.” If you’ve ever opened a medical book, you’d understand.

10. Folding Bedsheets

Photo of young happy woman in pajama stretching her arms and smiling while sitting on bed after sleep or nap
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

So many YouTube videos, yet the struggle is getting more real each day. If you always end up with a “crumpled-up mess,” don’t worry; you’re not alone.

One person shares a funny hack: “The real trick is to only own one sheet, so as soon as it comes out of the wash you immediately put it back on the bed and never need to even attempt folding it.”

Hey — once you look past the occasional acne and skin irritations, that’s not such a bad idea.

11. Google Captcha

Attractive young woman working on her blog at home.Startup concept.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

This is an underrated struggle. Google asks you to select photos with streetlights. There’s one box with only an itsy bitsy part of the streetlight, and you stare at it for seconds in hesitation, wondering whether to click it. Eventually, you do, and you fail the test.

Sounds familiar? Maybe you are a robot.

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