10 Interesting Things To Do in London for First Timers

Wandering through The Big Smoke for the first time is a glorious, daunting, marvelous experience. With so much to see and do, you struggle to pack everything into one itinerary. However, we’ve been to the Thames many times and are here to convey the best attractions and sights to visit on your first trip over the pond.

1. Jack the Ripper Tour

Number plate and sign in Jack the Ripper Tour
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If you’re a big true crime person, check out the Jack The Ripper Tours. The hilarious tour guides devote their jobs to their passion for solving the unsolved case of Jack the Ripper’s identity. They lead you through twelve notorious spots related to the infamous serial killer. At the end of the tour, the tour guides unveil their own theories about the nefarious murderer(s).

2. Spitalfields Market

People walking past stalls inside Spitalfields Market
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Spitalfields is an excellent warm-up for the best market in London, Camden Market. Spitalfields features independent vendors talented in soap-making, weaving, next-level design, jewelry, fashion, and meshing art styles for unique projects. This market also offers a variety of delicious food, attracting worldwide visitors.

3. The British Library

London, UK - May 12 2018: The British Library is the UK's national library and the largest national library in the world by number of items catalogued estimated to contain 150–200 million books.
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For those literature lovers, this is the place to be. “Handwritten Beatles lyrics, Don Quixote manuscript, DaVinci notebooks, Jane Austen’s desk, the Magna Carta, and on and on and on. Went there on a lark, ended up bawling like a baby because I was so totally overwhelmed by the magnitude and importance of the artifacts they have on display,” a bibliophile shares.

4. Sky Garden

The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street is a unique public space designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects. It features a stylish restaurant; brasserie and cocktail bar - London,England, 5th August 2018
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Purchase your tickets in advance to avoid a lengthy line and uncertain entry. The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden at a whopping 525 feet. The building features plants, flowers, greenery, and a wondrous 360 view of London. The Sky Garden also has the best orange juice in London.

5. A Show at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

London, UK - May 22 2018: Shakespeare's Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, associated with William Shakespeare, in the London Borough of Southwark. The original theatre was built in 1599
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Step back in time and watch a show at The Globe where you stand the whole time. “Not free, but a standing ticket at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is super cheap! Even though you have to stand the entire show, the actors are interactive and go through the audience throughout the play, so it’s more fun than the seats, in my opinion,” one tourist recalls.

6. Greenwich

Greenwich park at sunny spring day
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“Greenwich Park is free, gigantic, and beautiful. It has so many spaces that you could spend an entire day exploring it. The meridian is at the top of a hill with an observatory and a great view. Outstanding children’s park too. The Docklands museum is free and a brief tube ride from Greenwich Park. London has some of the best Indian food in the world, and I also always get Thai and Lebanese food when I’m there and skip most of the typical English foods,” a globe-trotter reports.

7. Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus

A goldentours sighseeing hop-on hop-off tour bus driving over Westminster Bridge, London, UK taken on 5th July 2019
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If you go to London, you must experience a hop-on, hop-off bus. A daily pass costs around $50, and you can hop on and off wherever and whenever you please. It is the perfect way to acclimate to the new city and explore areas you didn’t know existed. And the buses have stops all over London, meaning you will only walk a short time before hopping back on.

8. Harry Potter Tour

Leavesden, London - March 3 2016: The Hogwarts Express and platform in the Warner Brothers Studio tour 'The making of Harry Potter'.
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I traveled to London with my best friend last year, and we had two definitive things on our itinerary, touring Warner Bros. Studio, where they filmed Harry Potter, and seeing a concert at the O2 arena. The Harry Potter tour costs around $50 per person, allowing fanatics and new fans to walk through the set on their own time, drink butterbeer, and ride on Quidditch sticks.

9. The London Eye

A beautiful shot of London Eye and River Thames London
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The London Eye is the best way to see an aerial view of London. The Ferris wheel suspends over the River Thames. It raises passengers 443 feet in the air, providing an unparalleled view of one of the best cities in the world. The London Eye sits near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, making it a great starting place for exploring the city.

10. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral and Millenium Bridge in London
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Some notable events that occurred at St. Paul are Winston Churchill’s funeral and the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Inside the gorgeous Anglican cathedral, you’ll find Neoclassical Baroque architecture, such as one of the largest domes in the world, and theological art. Following a crawl up narrow staircases, you’ll step outside for a majestic view over London.

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