Doh! 10 Times Men Missed a Woman’s Biggest Hint

Modern dating for most young men is littered with missed catches, blind ignorance, and bad luck. However, sometimes a woman offers you the chance of a lifetime, only for you to miss the hint. A recent online discussion sees men sharing stories about retrospective lost opportunities with the opposite sex. What was your “one that got away”?

1. Maybe She’s Lonely?

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A married man recalls how useless he was in reading the signs that his former partner was attracted to him. “I never thought someone as pretty and unique as her would ever feel the same way,” he notes. “I held this belief even after she would spend time hanging out with me. Alone. I just thought she was lonely for friends and that all the things we had in common made me fun to hang out with.” Sigh.

2. Your Place, Mine, or Waffle House?

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When a young man met a hot woman at a bar once, he made a schoolboy error. “We were chatting at a bar, and it was getting late. I ask her if I can get her something, and she says, ‘Nothing now, but you can buy me breakfast in the morning,'” he recalls. His response ensured a lifetime of regret. “I asked her if she wanted to meet somewhere for breakfast.”

3. Really, Guy?

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“She invites me to go swimming with her, but we needed to ‘go to her room so I could tell her which bikini looked best on her first’,” says another hapless romantic, who replied, “No, just pick one and meet me at the pool.” I mean, really? Even the most ignorant male human would know this was an invitation. It took this guy “three years” to realize what had happened.

4. Comic Girl

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Recalling his college days, a comic book lover would frequent a local store, where he got on well with a cute female employee. “Eventually, she moved and stopped working there — that’s when her former co-workers informed me that she’d been waiting for over a year for me to ask her out,” he explains. “She wasn’t that talkative with anyone else.” I can just imagine the sense of regret this man must still feel today.

5. All Washed Up

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Consider it an invitation when a cute college friend invites you to use her mom’s washing machine, as yours is in the dorm basement and Mom is out of town. Sadly, one commenter didn’t. “Nineteen-year-old me is thinking, ‘Why would driving my laundry to your house be less annoying than taking it to my building’s basement?’ so I just keep changing the subject.” It took six years for this sizeable hint to register — by which time it was too late.

6. Extra-Curricular Activities

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A military veteran, who admits his homeschooled background cost him some social skills, recalls a fortuitous moment when he was eighteen. One winter’s night after a grueling day’s training, three women from his platoon appeared in his barracks asking if he wanted to “do some P.T. — it can be just the three of us and you; it’ll be fun.” Looking at the late hour — and missing the heavy proposition, he refused, thinking they must be crazy wanting to work out so late.

7. A Trivial Excuse

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“I was at a trivia night. She was a friend’s sister. We hit it off. She asked if I wanted to go next door where it was quieter and get food,” explains the hapless contributor. “I said, ‘No, trivia is about to start’.” Only when a friend reprimanded him the next day did he realize what had happened. He concedes, “In my defense, the girl was way too hot for me.”

8. Coffee? No, Thank You Very Much

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“In college, I ran into a gorgeous girl I knew back in high school,” recalls another bad romantic outfielder. “We chat for a bit, catch up, and finally, she says, ‘I have to get going. Take my number, and we can get coffee.'” Sadly for the unsuspecting gent, he gave the worst answer possible: “I don’t really like coffee. But it was nice seeing you!” Casanova? Casa-no-brains, more like.

9. I’ll Call You an Uber

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When a woman steps into your apartment block after an evening out together, you are probably in luck — unless you are this oblivious guy. “I let her walk into the lobby of my apartment building, and I said, ‘I think it’s getting late now; I’ll call you an Uber,'” admits the regretful fellow. “She said it wasn’t that late and was a Saturday, but I already confirmed the Uber and didn’t cancel it.” You nailed it, brother; nailed it.

10. Reverse Friend-Zoned

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“A woman literally drove two hours away from her house to come over, cuddle up to me, and watch two episodes of Doctor Who,” explains a man who doesn’t take a hint. So, if she is willing to drive two hours to be with you, surely Doctor Who will help one close the deal? “Poor girl got companion-zoned,” jokes a British observer.

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