Top 10 Canadian Cities to Visit Other Than Toronto

Are you searching for other beautiful cities in Canada other than Toronto? Then, we got you covered. Recently, a Torontarion took to Reddit seeking people’s favorite Canadian cities, which are the top-voted responses.

1. Halifax

One Canadian shared that Halifax is clean, close to the sea, and with very chill vibes everywhere you go. They continued that everyone they met was amicable.

Another admitted Halifax has the best seafood they have ever had. “The Bicycle Thief was a great place to eat. The scenery and drives we took to Peggy’s Cove and Blomidon were also incredible.”

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2. Montreal

One teacher said they loved walking around Montreal so much they would take a pay cut to get back there. They elaborated that it was one of the best decades of their life. Another admitted, “Sometimes I wish I lived there, while other times I’m glad that I don’t because I’d blow all of my income having fun.”

3. Edmonton

One user said they thought they would hate their trip to Edmonton, but they loved it in Edmonton. Another user explained how the skies seem more “open” in Edmonton, and it’s an incredible sight that can’t be put into words.

4. Canmore

According to several in the thread, Canmore is hugely underrated as a place to visit because it is a smaller town. One Canadian explained that the smaller, cozy town vibe is why they enjoyed Canmore as much as they did. Another shared how impressed they were in Canmore and were surprised it doesn’t get more attention as a place to visit.

5. Banff

A Business person said Banff is one of the best places they have traveled to in Canada for their career. They deemed Banff as one of their favorite places on the planet. A second person remembered visiting Banff during the 2002 Olympic games at 14. They continued how they had an epic time watching hockey at the Banff ski hill lodge.

6. Calgary

A resident ensured that Calgary is fantastic, with access to the mountains and untouched wilderness at your fingertips. They also suggested that Calgary beats out Vancouver due to the higher cost of living.

Another shared how underrated Calgary was as a destination. Stating there are lovely, small towns all around, the weather is excellent even in the winters, and the Calgarians are always pleasant.

7. St. John’s

A college student indicated how beautiful St. John’s is—elaborating on everything from nature, the architecture and activities. They continued by stating that St. John’s was not too big of a city where you couldn’t learn your way around after a few trips.

8. Saskatoon

One confessed, “Saskatoon is the cleanest city I have ever visited. Adding Saskatoon is beautiful in the summertime months. The following person responded how they loved the underrated town. It is big enough to accommodate your essential needs yet small enough to see the stars at night.

9. Vancouver

One traveler claimed Vancouver to be their favorite major Canadian city to visit. However, the traveler disclosed they had yet to see many Canadian cities. Still, they love Vancouver for its “Toronto by the ocean” vibes. Several others noted the fun nightlife in Vancouver.

Another suggested, “Toronto and Vancouver are ridiculous for housing and rent prices. But Vancouver is one of the most visually beautiful cities in the world. And the people are more likable than in most larger cities.”

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10. Charlottetown

One traveler said they went to Charlottetown recently and enjoyed the farmers market, live music, and a visit to a great brewery. Additionally, you’re surrounded by beautiful ocean, a great city to visit all year round.

A final user confessed, “I went to Charlottetown for the first time this past May to meet my wife’s family that live there, and I absolutely loved it! Very historic, has lots of charm, fresh ocean air, the freshest seafood, and the nicest people. It is definitely on our radar if we decide to relocate.”

We hope you enjoyed these Reddit recommendations for the best Canadian cities to visit in addition to Toronto. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.



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