Top 10 International Getaways That Americans Refuse To Travel To Again

Traveling can be a thrilling and enriching experience, but only some destinations live up to their hype. From overpriced tourist traps to unfriendly locals, these are stories of disappointment, frustration, and even danger.

Discover the dark side of international travel and learn from the experiences of others before planning your next vacation. After someone asked Americans on Reddit what places they wouldn’t visit again, these are the top-voted responses.

1. Nassau, Bahamas

One American shared their long experience visiting many Bahamas islands and their love for the country and its people. They find the natural beauty and hospitality of the Bahamas to be unparalleled.

However, they had a negative view of Nassau and considered it the worst part of the Bahamas and only visited it to change planes while heading to other islands, saying that one has yet to experience the true beauty of the Bahamas until visiting the outer islands.

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2. Egypt, Cairo

Another seasoned traveler, who travels to around 30 countries a year for work, shared their negative experience of visiting Cairo, Egypt. They describe it as a place they genuinely dread visiting and cannot think of a single positive aspect of the city. Several others agreed, “if you’re a solo traveling woman, it’s not the safest place.”

3. Belize City, Belize

Someone shared their negative experience of visiting Belize City, describing it as dirty with dead dogs everywhere. They even saw a dead body in a pickup truck under a tarp with uniformed men carrying big guns.

They also negatively interacted with hair braiders on the street and described feeling uncomfortable and unsafe. Their taxi broke down, and they had to push it back to the cruise launch site, which resulted in almost missing the boarding. Finally, they claimed that it was their worst experience in a country in the Global South.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Another American shared their negative experience of visiting Prague, describing it as a beautiful city but having a negative interaction with locals.

They and their friends, high school students at the time, were subjected to racial slurs from grown men for seemingly no reason. They mentioned that they had never experienced this level of racism before, even while living in Texas.

5. Kuwait, Iraq

Kuwait, Iraq, was an awful experience for one American, noting that they would only return to Kuwait for a mandatory work trip. However, they would need a large amount of money to consider returning to Iraq.

They also mentioned that they had no other negative experiences while traveling internationally but didn’t elaborate on why they don’t appreciate Kuwait.

6. Venice, Italy

A tourist from the USA shared their negative experience in Venice with rows of men selling stolen goods and tour guides warning them about theft.

They also found the open sewers unappealing and shared negative experiences in Haiti and UAE, where they were offered to buy enslaved people at a low price and found it dehumanizing.

7. Haiti, Caribbean

One traveler admitted that they recently watched Indigo Traveler’s story on Haiti, which was shocking. The place is essentially in a state of anarchy.

The guy who did the series has been in many sketchy places, including Afghanistan, Ukraine during the war, and North Korea. He stated, “Haiti was the most intense, sketchy, and dangerous place he’s ever been.”

8. United Arab Emirates, Middle East

Another American traveler expressed surprise about the UAE, as they were aware that slavery activity exists but was surprised to have a stranger offer to sell them an enslaved person.

They further noted that Westerners are generally against slavery. It’s illegal. Selling people to strangers would land you in prison, where ironically, you would become an enslaved person.

9. China

One traveler shared their experience of visiting China, stating that they saw the main tourist attractions and were glad they did, but they have yet to return. They found it hard to explain exactly why but mentioned the pollution and the lack of social freedom as factors, along with a general sense that the country doesn’t appeal to them.

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10. Acapulco, Mexico

Finally, someone confessed they wouldn’t go back to Acapulco. They elaborated that the beach is beautiful, and the resort was nice, but you can’t safely leave the immediate area.

Additionally, they explained traveling extensively in Mexico and feeling the least safe in Acapulco. However, they suggested many better places in Mexico, with beautiful beaches and safer cities. For example, Puerto Vallarta and their favorite, Zihuatanejo.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are these Americans totally wrong? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.




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