These 11 US States Are Truly Forgettable, Is Yours on the List?

Sometimes it’s easy to get selective amnesia toward certain states. It may happen for many reasons; maybe you visited the state once, and nothing was memorable or striking about it. Or perhaps it gave you bad memories on the first visit — first impressions matter a lot. According to regular voyagers, these are the top most forgettable states.

1. New Mexico

New Mexico
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New Mexico is no stranger to the delights of Mexican staple dishes like savory burritos, irresistible tacos, and crunchy nachos. But there’s more. It boasts Taos Pueblo, a place with the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the country. And let’s not forget that it’s also home to the popular “Jesse, we need to cook.” tagline from Breaking Bad, one of the most popular TV shows in the US. Perhaps it’s not something easily forgettable now, is it?

2. Delaware

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The state is pretty famous for its tax-free shopping. Delaware has beautiful beaches that are worth visiting. It’s also considered the first state in the U.S. It relies on manufacturing chemicals for plastics, pharmaceuticals, and others.

A fan summarized the state as “Delaware: Chemicals, air force base, a couple of nice beaches, and the headquarters of a surprising number of financial institutions.” Still, it’s easy to forget it exists sometimes.

3. New Hampshire

New Hampshire
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One geographical feature within the state is Mount Washington. It also has a cog railway you need to try out. If you’re big on history, it’s just the right place. You’ll find homesteads that are pretty historical and even coastal defense structures. New Hampshire is undoubtedly worth touring. It’s a great place, and it’s funny how people don’t even remember it.

4. Utah

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It was once considered a territory before statehood. The capital city is Salt Lake City because of its rich salt concentration. Utah is also home to Mormons; you’d find many of them in the state. Although, it can be a bit scary when driving through, considering the long empty roads.

5. Nebraska

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Trip Advisor rates the Nebraska zoo as the best in the world. There’s also a vast number of wineries within the state. If you love teasing your taste buds, Nebraska is the right place. You can enjoy the wine scene and the city’s ambiance there. Most people find it boring because it’s a long hour’s drive with a lack of scenery to offer. It’s probably the reason it’s easily forgotten.

6. Idaho

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The “Gem State” is not one worth forgetting. It has an exquisite rough landscape and features precious stones. Also worth mentioning is the Snake River, which is a tourist attraction. In Idaho, many potatoes are highly cultivated by the citizen. Someone shared a funny joke “I got a sample of instant potatoes in the mail and thought that was their tourism brochure.”

7. Indiana

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There is a city of Santa Claus in this state. People write to it every Christmas, and you’d think it is the North Pole. They also have a sporting event in the state. It’s known as the Crossroad of America. People driving through the country always pass through the state. How can you forget those never-ending roads?

8. Iowa

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Indiana has a fertile crop, and corn is primarily grown. There are lots of cornfields, and you’d notice this when you drive through the state. You can look beyond it and enjoy the view of the hills and other plans. It also has landmarks worth mentioning; The Des Moines Art Center for art lovers. You’ll also find the gold-domed, the Pappajohn Sculpture park, and others.

9. Arkansas

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Arkansas is Bill Clinton’s birthplace and where he first became governor before becoming the 42nd president of the U.S. states. Arkansas would be great for you if you’re an outdoor person. It’s got an excellent fishing spot and is ideal for the sport. The state is also ranked for mountain biking as well. Arkansas is a perfect place to visit and enjoy outdoor activities.

10. Missouri

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It has over 6,000 caves and is famously called The Cave State. Missouri is an excellent place for touring and relaxation. If you’re looking for bats, this is a perfect place to consider the caves. The Gateway Arch is also situated within the state. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to see this. It’s unfair to let Arkansas slip through your mind with all it offers.

11. Rhode Island

Rhode Island
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Forgetting the smallest state makes sense — a state with sandy shores and a few colonial towns at the seaside. There’s the marble house, Belcourt castle, and even the Breakers, fabulous mansions with a strong history. The Canadians often refer to it as Prince Edward Island. There’s also a high rate of alcoholism within the state.

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