Top 10 Reasons People Without Children Travel to Disney Parks

Do you know any adults who obsess over Disney theme parks despite not having children? You’ve got company. Someone recently explained that they know several adults who spend thousands of dollars on Disney vacations instead of visiting other countries, and they found it perplexing. Here are the highlights of the discussion.

1. Life Sucks and Disneyland is Fun

“Life sucks, and Disneyland is fun,” one shared. “Ten-year-old me thought it was the happiest/most beautiful place on earth, and I had a blast. I KNOW it’s not the most wonderful place on earth at 27, but the sense of memory is accurate.

I was giddy going there as an adult. Pairing it with Universal was outstanding and worth it. Doing it EVERY vacation is a lot, but if people check out the new attractions (Harry Potter/Star Wars), I get it.

But also, life is so short—why would you not do the things or go to the places that give you joy? Not to mention the people who weren’t able to go as children. So I can only imagine how exciting it is to go for your first time as an adult and to take in the spectacle of it all.”

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2. It’s Not About the Kids When You Go On Your Own

One man confessed, “In February, my wife and I went to Disneyland, California, without our kids. We had an absolute blast. For example, when you go to a theme park with kids, you have to eat where they will eat and go on the rides they want.

Watching how happy they are is a joy, but you still put their enjoyment and satisfaction above your own when going. When my wife and I went, we planned and went to many of the more unique restaurants and got food we would never have been able to try with our kids around.

We went on the rides my kids are too small to go on and stayed up late to watch the nightly events they did close to closing time. It also meant we could sit down or return to the hotel and take breaks when needed.”

3. Having Your Own Money

One Disneyland enthusiast explained, “Imagine going as a kid. Now – imagine going as an adult with your own money, not limited by being told, ‘that’s too expensive.’ You can do whatever you want now; your appearance is the only thing that has changed. You’ve gotten older, but you still enjoy the fun.”

4. Family Couldn’t Afford Disney as a Kid

“Well, my family couldn’t afford Disney as a kid, and I still love all the nostalgia. I don’t need a child with me to appreciate what I could never appreciate when I was younger,” one admitted.

A second added, “To capture some of the fun we missed out on as children due to family finances and live a life without regretting a missed opportunity. Disney movies made us happy when we were young, and Disneyland was a dream place.”

5. Being Spontaneous In a Safe Way

“Disney is easy and enjoyable, whereas traveling to a place I’ve never been and immersing in a different culture is excellent but exhausting,” one suggested.

“I like that kind of travel — sometimes. But if I’m looking to recharge my batteries, that doesn’t do. I get the feeling that many Disney adults are type-A folks like me who can’t enjoy being spontaneous but spend so much time planning their lives that the idea of planning travel abroad adds to their burnout.

Going to Disney is being spontaneous safely — maybe you don’t have to plan your meals meticulously or decide what activities will fill your day. Instead, show up at the park, do what you want, eat what you want, and take a little of the edge off.”

6. Some Adults Like Amusement Parks

One asked, “Why not? Just because you become an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy stuff targeted at children. I’m 24, and I LOVE amusement parks.

I’m planning to visit Disneyland in Paris next year with my boyfriend. Of course, we’ll also visit Paris and perhaps some other location in France, but that would be the “main attraction” of the trip. To the question why? Because I love amusement parks, that simple.”

7. There Are Two Types of People

One user simplified it with, “There are two types of people: those who like the Mouse and those who don’t. If you’re a mouse person, by all means, please enjoy the mouse. If you aren’t, by all means, enjoy something else.”

8. Star Wars and Marvel Nerds

“So the husband and I have been to Disney a few times, and we don’t have kids. We go cause we’re Star Wars and Marvel nerds. The Star Wars after-party is worth it with endless drinks,” one shared.

9. Epcot

“Because Disney is the bomb and the diggity,” one replied. “And seriously, Disney has a ton of stuff for people of all ages, not just kids. I have gotten drunk in Epcot doing the drink around the world. Also, many excellent restaurants serve great meals. The Epcot is fun for adults during the food and wine festival and Octoberfest.”

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10. Because They Love It

Finally, one stated, “Why do adults spend thousands on hiking gear, watching live sports, going to the movies, or buying video games? Because they like them. It makes them happy.

And depending on where you live and your taste, Disney can be a better bang for your buck than a trip to Europe. A few thousand can get you a full year of admission vs. getting you only a week or two in Europe.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion about why there are Disney-obsessed adults who visit theme parks without children. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.



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