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Top Resolutions - My Resolution Solution

The Resolution Solution

I know there are tons of blog posts out there talking about resolutions for the new year.

And there are probably just as many posts out there explaining how resolutions are pointless.

How they very rarely come to fruition, and most people will abandon their resolutions in approximately 17 days.

So I’m not going to write about my New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I will do something different.

I’m going to give you my top 5 Rose-solutions.

Confused yet?

Okay, so those who know me – and maybe even met me at FinCon – will know my last name is Rose.

Which would make for a totally cool blog name, by the way — I realize that. Unfortunately, someone already has that domain. Someone who is a keynote speaker and motivational coach. And it doesn’t appear she will be giving it up any time soon. Her site seems to be pretty successful.

And yes, I did join her mailing list. So I’m always a bit startled when an email message appears in my inbox from “Robin Rose”.

But I digress.

We were talking about Rose-solutions. Which are based on my last name.

I guess I could’ve gone with Robin-solutions or Rob-solutions, but neither seems to have quite the same ring to it. So Rose-solutions it is.

And how is a Rose-solution different than a regular ole’ resolution?

Well, since these are of my own creation, I get to make the rules. HA!

Because at this point in my life, I care a lot less about the status quo, and doing what everyone else does.

I honestly have no one to impress. In fact, I’ve found that anyone even worth impressing won’t care about what’s on the outside anyway.

All that shiny and polished exterior serves as a facade to what’s on the inside.

So here are my Top 5 Rose-solutions. They consist of ideas, thoughts, needs, and wants for the next year and going forward.

And in theory, if they are important enough to make it onto this list, then there should be no problem catapulting them into implementation. (Right??)


1.  Get Organized with my Business

I tell people I have a “business” — a Side Jam — a set of gigs. But it’s only part-time, when time (convenience) allows. Is that really a business, or is it a hobby? And does it matter??

I love doing this. All of it.

The blogging, the Side Jams, the hustles, the gigs.

Learning a new skill from scratch. Watching YouTube videos and online tutorials.

Believing that once I have a certain skill or tool mastered, I could probably do an even better video, or tutorial, or blog post.

But have I done such a thing? Nope.

And why, you might ask? T-I-M-E.

That offensive four-letter word that falls out of the mouths of those who are just a tiny bit afraid of pursuing their dreams.

You know what though? That’s really okay. Because the only people we are really hurting are … ourselves.

The world won’t be shattered if we give up on our blogs, or podcasts, or YouTube channels. In fact, the world may barely notice at all.

But –

Before you get worried that I might be throwing this all away — I’m not.

I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a travesty either way.

But if I want to be taken seriously, then I need to take myself seriously and start treating my business as an actual business. And that means making a plan.

No, I won’t be structured enough to schedule every single free moment of my time.

But I do need to get my act together and decide on areas of focus. Prioritization of what’s needed, where I want to go, and the most efficient way to get there.

So a blogging plan, including content calendar, is a current work in progress.


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2.  Implement a Restructured Debt Payoff Plan

Over the past year or two, I’ve been trying to do “all the things”, without having a keen focus on a single financial action.

Recently, I’ve decided to define a path that will accelerate my debt payoff strategy.

Without going into too many specifics, I had been trying to pay off debt, grow a savings, prepare for retirement, save for emergencies, and invest for a rainy day.

But not so long ago, someone had mentioned how difficult that might be to accomplish — by trying to be successful with too many things.

Like trying to balance 5 or 6 spinning plates, hoping one of them won’t fall and crash to the floor into a million pieces.

That was my financial plan.


So with some effort and prioritization, I’ve decided to funnel a single focus into paying off the debt.

Or more specifically, my debt. (Not the debt that is shared, or in the name of anyone else.) Because the other part of this equation is I can’t force others to take on a mindset that I find to be so obvious.

It’s all about priorities, and what each individual person finds of value.

I value a future of no longer stressing about bills on a constant basis, and eventually having the freedom to live a simpler life. Others may value convenience, appearance, or possessions.

Neither is right or wrong, they’re just different viewpoints.

So that’s my plan. To create order out of my financial chaos. Then once I have that taken care of, maybe I’ll be able to influence others.


3.  Stop Questioning my…  

… Successes, Intelligence, Decisions, Self-Worth, Appearance, Likability, Relationships, Motives.

Sooooo….Impostor Syndrome, amiright??

It’s funny how prevalent this behavior is, yet I struggled for so many years of my life, thinking it was just me.

Honestly, I performed my day job in constant fear of being “discovered” I didn’t actually know what I was doing.

Even when I received accolades, recognition awards, high performance reviews, and general compliments. I always thought the person providing it had it all wrong.

I wasn’t that great, and didn’t deserve an award.

That sooner or later, someone would uncover the skeleton in my closet:  I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, and was just playing everything by ear.

However, over this past year, I’ve come to find out this is a common behavior, especially in women.

We somehow feel we don’t deserve any of the successes we’ve been achieving. That it’s all a huge misunderstanding.

So this Rose-solution is about kicking Impostor Syndrome to the curb.

If someone pays me a compliment, I will say “Thank you” instead of dismissing it as no big deal.

If I receive some sort of recognition, I will momentarily reflect on the hard work it took to get me there.

I will no longer pick apart every discussion and interaction I have with others, analyzing each response and inflection. Because it’s quite possible the person I’m speaking with is enjoying the conversation, and might actually like me.

And I won’t waste time internally nitpicking all of my physical and personality traits.


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4.  Take Appropriate Care of my Self:  Mind, Body, and Soul

Let’s say you bump into someone who you haven’t seen in a while, catch up for a bit, and then head out on your intended direction. What do you say before parting ways? “Take care of yourself — ”

Why is it easier to offer that sentiment to friends and acquaintances than it is to apply to yourself?

Take care of yourself. And yet, we are always the very last to benefit from our own consideration.

So what does this consideration look like, in my own personal assessment?

To be mindful of what food and nutrients I’m putting into my body. Not to some crazy extreme, but just to the extent of feeling good about my general health.

Because as my general physician always tells me each year, I will never have a “runner’s” body.

Not entirely sure what that means, but I’m pretty certain it’s because I’m curvy. And I like it that way. I was skinny once, and it made me absolutely miserable.

It’s just that lately I’ve gotten a little curvier than usual, haha. So offsetting that dish of vanilla ice cream with an apple or banana instead wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing.

Also, read a book once in a while. It doesn’t always have to be about educating myself or learning a new skill. I should be able to read some fiction every now and again. It expands creativity, and is beneficial for the imagination.

Take time for meditation, whatever that happens to mean at the time.

Whether it’s quiet reflection first thing in the morning, or before bed at night. Or reading a verse from my daily devotional. Or taking the time to give thanks for the blessings in my life, and pray for guidance on the issues of the day.

Expand my mind by learning something new. Which is a funny thing to write out, knowing all of the cool and interesting things I’ve learned over the past year and a half.

From starting a blog, to creating several websites. Attending live networking events, and leaning outside of my comfort zone.

Learning new technologies and experimenting with tools to implement new Side Jams.

I’ve learned a ton of stuff, using skills I didn’t even knew existed.

And I’m learning more and more each day.


5.  Enjoy Life, with No Regrets

This probably goes without saying for most. But I spent many years of my life worrying about every little thing under the sun, and then some. The thing about worrying is: it won’t actually stop bad things from happening.

You can prepare for the worst, that’s fine. But you can never avoid the inevitable.

Call it destiny, fate, happenstance, or just plain bad luck. Sometimes, cr*ppy things just happen.

But it’s not solely and unequivocally because you didn’t worry enough.

A certain amount of preparedness is always helpful. But a buttload of worry never does anyone any good.

That’s why it’s important to be present, and enjoy what’s good in your life at this very moment. Something I do every once in a while, but need to practice on a more consistent basis.


So there it is. My list of Top 5 Rose-solutions for the New Year.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? How are they going (and are you still doing them)?

I’d love to know — Hit me up in the Comments!

Feature Photo by James Mckellar on Unsplash

Robin : )


Resolution Solution - My Top 5 "Rose"-solutions

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