[Full Guide] How To Obtain A Tourist Visa For Chile In 2023

Our focus today is centered on How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Chile. Entering Chile for any reason at all requires you to hold a visa permit unless you are a foreign citizen or permanent resident of a country under the visa-exempt program.

Interestingly, the visa application process for Chile is not worrisome and somewhat easy, thanks to the government of Chile.

So, journey with us as we unveil to you the visa application process and the required documents and other information that will help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

How To Obtain A Tourist Visa For Chile (Step By Step Guide).

There are different types of visas provided by the Chilean government and the type of Chilean visa you will apply for depends totally on your reason for the visit.

Interestingly, we are considering How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Chile which means tourists will find this informative piece more beneficial.

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The Tourist visa for Chile is issued by the Chilean government to foreign nationals or permanent residents for tourism for stays of 30-90 days.

Going further, foreign nationals or permanent residents of countries that are under the visa-exempt agreement with Chile are free to enter the country with simply their passport and at times only an ID card is required mostly for stays of up to 90 days.

In addition, citizens of those countries are not required to apply for a Chile visa before their departure, but they however are given a Tourist Card from the immigration authorities at the port of entry or land border upon their arrival.

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On the other hand, foreign nationals or permanent residents of other countries who are not Chile visa-exempt are required to apply for a visa before they are allowed to travel to Chile.

How To Apply For A Chile Tourist Visa

It is imperative to discuss the process of applying for a Chile Tourist visa as we consider How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Chile.

The process can be done online making it easy for tourist who doesn’t have a physical embassy in their home country or nearby countries.

To apply online, you will have to visit the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs website https://tramites.minrel.gov.cl/.

You can also apply in person in a Chilean Embassy/Consulate that is near you.

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The process for Tourist Visa application to Chile visa is as follows:

Step 1 – Start the online Chile visa application. Visit the official website and fill in your details or you can download the form and fill as a hard copy. Also, you will have to answer all questions that are asked.

Step 2 – Attach electronic copies of all the required documents.

Step 3 – Wait for the visa to be processed.

Step 4 – Show up at the consulate/embassy.

Step 5 – Pay the Chile visa fee. Payment of visa application fee is compulsory.

Step 6 – Get your Chile visa. Once all processes have been completed and the visa approved, you will be called to pick up the visa at the embassy/consulate or it will be sent to you via courier service.

Chile Tourist Visa Requirements

You will be learning the several requirements that will be needed as you consider How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Chile.

Interestingly, the requirement is not far different from those of other Chile visa types. As such, you must have several supporting documents, such as:

  1. Copies of pages from your passport which include personal information, issue/expiry date, and any previous visas.
  • Also, your passport must be valid for at least 6 more months from when you will travel to Chile.
  1. Provide evidence of your legal status in your home country (if applicable)
  • Also, if you are a Permanent Resident in a country other than your home country, you will need to include a copy of your PR card.
  1. One (1) digital passport-size picture must meet the specifications set out by the authorities. These include:
  • The background of the passport photo must be plain white or off-white.
  • It must be colored.
  • It must be taken showing clearly and with a neutral facial expression.
  • The photo size must be 4.5 x 4.5 cm (2 inches x 2 inches) in size.
  • You must not put on hats or headgear which covers your hair/hairline or face.
  • You must put on plain, casual clothes.
  • You must not put on glasses.
  1. Present your flight itinerary and reservation.
  2. Hotel reservation/proof of accommodation in Chile.
  3. Financial/Bank statements from the past three months.
  4. A letter explaining your reasons for traveling to Chile.
  5. Letter of invitation (if applicable)

You are required to provide most of the compulsory documents when you go for your interview.

If you are submitting all of these forms online, your e-copy must be in PDF format and you have to attach the documents on the online Chile visa application service.

Also, you must name the documents accordingly. Likewise, all the documents you upload must be the original copy when you visit the nearest Chile consulate to obtain your visa.

In addition, additional or supporting may be demanded as the above mentioned are the basic documents required. A checklist will be forwarded to you when you make your online application.

For minors (under the age of 18) applying for a Chile Tourist visa, the following additional documents may be required along with the aforementioned. These include:

  1. Certificate of birth.
  2. A notarized written authorization to travel written by parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if the child is traveling alone or with someone other than the parent.
  3. If the child is traveling with only one parent/guardian, certified permission from the other parent or legal guardian will be required.

The Cost Of Chile Tourist Visa

The cost of a tourist visa stated here is not the standard set of visa fees for Chile because the fee prices can range from around $50 to $150, depending on your nationality and as well the visa type you are applying for.

Typically, you will be informed of how much the visa will cost you when you submit your online application.

Bear in mind that the Chilean authorities will not have you pay upfront the visa fee. But you will have to pay the Chilean visa fee at the Chilean Consulate after you receive your visa.

Also, it is important to pay the visa fee because failure to do so may cause the forfeiture of your visa application process.

The Chile Consulate officials will attach your approved visa to your passport.

Validity Of Chile Tourist Visa

As mentioned earlier, a Chile tourist visa is issued to foreign nationals entering the country for tourist purposes and it is valid for a period of stay up to 90 days. However, the period you will stay is based on the decision of the Chilean authorities.

When You Can Apply For A Chile Visa

To obtain your Chile tourist visa at when due typically before your departure, it is expected that you apply very early, at least 30 days.

The Chilean authorities will not acknowledge applications submitted less than or within 30 days of your scheduled departure, moreover, they do not have a rushed application process option.

Also, your application can be delayed if there are tons of applications submitted ahead of yours. The best time again is to apply early before your departure.

Can I Extend A Chile Tourist Visa?

It is possible to extend your Chile Tourist visa just like every other type of Chile visa.

Peradventure you wish to stay longer in the country longer than the valid period issued to you, apply for a visa extension at the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (Departamento de Extranjería del Ministerio del Interior) based in Santiago.

Be visa extensions are issued, the decision is based on the Chilean authorities on a case-to-case basis.

Also, you can only apply for a visa extension while you are still in the country and before your current visa permit expires.


Every necessary step and application process on How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Chile has been outlined and discussed.

From our discussion, you will find out that the process is not tedious and it is something you can easily do.

Importantly, ensure that you provide all necessary documents and other requirements including paying the visa fee if applicable to avoid the process being delayed or not processed at all.