15 Fascinating Travel Rules and Trends of Baby Boomers That We Can All Get Inspiration From

Baby boomers are often stereotyped as conservative and not particularly adventurous. But the truth is, this generation of retirees is taking on travel in a big way. Most of them are taking advantage of their newfound freedom, retirement savings, and the abundance of travel deals available to explore the world. Here are 15 interesting habits, rules, and trends that baby boomers today have adopted for their travels:

1. Baby Boomers Have a Budget for Travel

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With kids out of the house and retirement savings intact, it’s no shocker that baby boomers are hitting the road with gusto. They’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, with an estimated annual travel budget of $157 billion!

2. Multigenerational Trip

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The baby boomer generation has a penchant for intimate getaways with close friends and family. Baby boomers can enhance family ties and make everlasting memories by taking their kids, grandkids, and extended relatives on vacation together. It’s a great way to share stories and teach lessons from the past to the next generation. No wonder 37% of baby boomers have traveled for a multi-generational family trip.

3. Shared Experience

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Baby boomers value travel as a way to strengthen their relationships with their partners through shared exploration of new places, activities, and sights. Eighty-one percent of boomers over 65 prefer to travel with a partner.

4. Luxury Travel

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Many members of the baby boom generation have reached a point where they are financially secure and successful as a reward for their efforts. It’s little wonder they opt for luxurious vacations to enjoy much-deserved relaxation and pampering. The numbers show that baby boomers account for 80% of luxury spending, and 99% plan to take at least one trip annually.

5. Use the Internet to Plan Vacations

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The baby boomer generation has seamlessly integrated the internet into their lives, utilizing it for many purposes, such as planning vacations. By doing so, they can save valuable time and enjoy the convenience of securing their travel arrangements with just a few clicks of a button. When planning their vacations, 70% of individuals resort to the Internet as their go-to source.

6. Eco-friendly Experiences

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The majority of millennials (60%) are interested in eco-friendly activities. Many members of the baby boom generation came of age while environmental concerns gained widespread attention. They lived through the effects of pollution and other environmental issues. Thus their awareness may motivate them to save the earth in their little ways.

7. Spontaneity

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Boomers are spontaneous travelers. Notably, 64% of baby boomers have confessed to being spontaneous travelers, booking their trips just a month or even less before their departure date. Having fewer responsibilities and commitments can open up a world of possibilities, allowing one to embark on spontaneous adventures without the constraints of family obligations.

8. Boomers Love Las Vegas

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One of the most popular travel locations in the US for baby boomers is Las Vegas, with 67% of visitors between the ages of 21 and 49. Baby boomers accounted for about 18% of that tourist number to Las Vegas in 2021. Vegas is an exceptional destination that offers countless reasons to fall in love with it. For numerous baby boomers, Las Vegas may evoke a sense of nostalgia.

9. Boomers Travel with Smartphones

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Boomers carry smartphones while traveling due to their affinity for the internet. Smartphones provide navigation tools and maps for easy navigation in unfamiliar places. Different travel apps can also enhance their vacation experience. 54% of baby boomers bring a smartphone when traveling internationally, compared to 92% who bring one on domestic trips.

10. Food and Culinary Experiences

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Baby boomers are now passionate about culinary travel. They love to explore local food markets, attend cooking classes, and go on food tours to experience the authentic flavors of different regions.40% of US Baby Boomers base their travel plans on discovering distinctive food and drink experiences.

11. Beach Destinations

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When it comes to jet-setting abroad, Baby Boomers have a clear preference for beach destinations, which account for a whopping 23% of their top choices. These seasoned travelers seek out the sun, sand, and surf to unwind and soak up some vitamin D.

12. Cruise Cabins

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Cruise ship cabins have emerged as the second most preferred accommodation type for baby boomers traveling internationally, with a staggering 33% of them opting for this luxurious experience. Boomers understand that there are few things in life more luxurious than waking up to breathtaking panoramic vistas, basking in the warm glow of a sunset from the comfort of a cabin balcony, or simply reveling in the soothing presence of the water.

13. Opt to Stay With Friends and Families

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A recent study found that 35% of baby boomers who travel domestically choose to stay with loved ones, while only 15% opt for the same when traveling overseas. It seems that for this generation, the comfort and familiarity of being surrounded by loved ones is a priority, no matter where they go.

14. Nature Lovers

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Baby Boomers have a deep appreciation for nature, with 65% of them identifying as nature lovers. Additionally, they have a keen interest in culture, with 63.8% expressing a desire to explore and learn about different cultural experiences.

15. User Generated Content

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Baby boomers value the relatable and trustworthy real-life experiences and perspectives fellow travelers share. Nearly half of all Baby Boomers who travel rely on user-generated content to plan their trips.

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