10 Travel Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money

Traveling can be expensive, but it can also reward destination seekers with the experience of a lifetime. Fortunately, several travel hacks can curtail your expenses without compromising the quality of your experiences when you hit the road. We’ve cooked a cocktail of unusual budget travel hacks often deployed by the most experienced travelers to save you loads of cash when next you’re on the move.

1. Travel Overnight

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Overnight travel means your sleeper train or buses do not only commute you to your chosen destination but would also serve as your accommodation for the night, so you don’t need to pay for hotels or Airbnb. Have you got a long-distance journey to hop on? You may want to consider traveling at night.

2. Choose Budget-Airlines

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You’re trying to save cost, and your airline choice should align with your objectives. While budget airlines may possess stricter baggage policies or fewer in-flight amenities, their cost-saving options mean you can save tons on ticket fares.

3. Shop at the Local Market

BATH - DEC 8: People visit the Christmas Market in the streets surrounding Bath Abbey on Dec 8, 2014 in Bath, UK. The landmark Somerset city is home to many local and international stores and shops.
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There are always fancy shops selling supplies at tourist prices when you arrive at your destination, but you should consider shopping from local markets instead to save a ton of money. Local markets offer cheap and fresh produce, discounted supplies, and a taste of the local culture in its finest form.

4. Consider Volunteer or Work Programs

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You can work or volunteer in exchange for free meals and accommodation while you are away. Websites like Workaway and HelpX connect travelers to hosts to make this possible. Volunteering or working while traveling is also a great way to bond with locals and learn more about your destination. It’s one of the best hacks for traveling for cheap.

5. Low-Budget Accommodation


Low-Budget Accommodation
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Your choice of accommodation can slash off a large chunk of your budget. Hostels, guesthouses, and vocational rentals come cheaper than starred hotels with expensive service toppings.

6. Use Travel Apps

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The best deals on flights aren’t always on the TV screens. Travel apps are specialized in seeking cheap travel deals to attract you to their websites.

HotelTonight, Hopper, and Skyscanner can help you save cost on accommodation, cheap flights, and discounted activities. You can enable notifications so you get the first beep when prices drop.

7 . Travel With Snacks and Reusable Water Bottles

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Food and beverages are crucial as you burn energy while you zoom off. You could avoid the overspending that comes with overpriced foods and drinks by traveling with your snacks when you need a quick pick-me-up. Water bottles make cheap refills possible.

8. Local Transportation Saves Money

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You could rent a bike or hail a rickshaw for a short distance in the place of using taxis and rental cars. This way, you would explore your destination and support local businesses while saving up a lot of cash.

9. Be Your Own Chef

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Your thirst for an exclusive treat is not unusual, but that’s where many tourists empty their wallets, sometimes at the expense of more rewarding experiences. Cooking your food means sourcing produce from the local market at ridiculously cheap prices.

10. Befriend Locals

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No matter how skilled you are at researching, locals still hold the hack to the best cost-saving opportunities on their home turf.

Befriend shop owners, drivers, and co-passengers to get recommendations on affordable accommodations and other discounted offers that may elude the seemingly limitless expanse of the internet space.

Source: Quora.

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