From Average Adventures To Extraordinary Excitement: 11 Underrated Travel Experiences You Didn’t Know Were Fun

Common travel activities often fail to capture the essence of pure enjoyment we usually don’t notice. But there is a certain thrill and excitement that we tend to miss out on when we engage in our usual travel routine.

And just like many people say, it’s the small things—the unnoticeable encounters—that truly make a journey memorable. This rings true for people who talked about such experiences in an online forum.

The Airport

Young woman at the airport.
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I get a spine-tingling chill on every plane ride I take when I arrive at the airport. Airport security doesn’t exactly thrill me, but walking through the monitor and sitting at the gate makes me smile. Here are eleven regular travel experiences that excite frequent travelers.

1. Using a Passport

Travel concept
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One hiker shares their favorite travel experience is opening their passport in a new place and receiving a dark, inky stamp of the new location. They realize they have arrived in new territory and can’t wait to explore. 

2. Orange Juice

orange juice
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I love orange juice. I always order orange juice to compare the consistency and flavor wherever I travel. Since I live in Florida, we have excellent orange juice, but some of the orange juice I’ve tasted from London comes close to Florida’s freshly squeezed.

3. Nostalgic Snacks

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“This is kinda silly, but there are many things I never buy unless I’m traveling, like a coffee/tea from Starbucks or Dunkin or any kind of fast food. So when I’m just starting out on some long day of travel, I at least have the novelty of rare treats at the airport. Kind of makes me feel like when I was a kid, and my mom would fill a backpack up with new books, games, and treats for me when we would fly anywhere,” one jet setter writes. 

4. Stepping Out of the Plane

stepping out of the plane
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Many travelers claim their favorite menial experience while traveling is the first step outside the airport. Once they land, they grab their bags and take that refreshing journey outside the airport’s confines, breathing in the air of a new place and letting their surroundings sink in. 

5. Convenience Stores in Different Countries

Convenience Stores in Different Countries
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Stores in different countries offer different items for purchase. You find different items in each country’s convenience stores, and you will be surprised by some of the findings.

For example, someone from Amsterdam may be shocked to see Gator jerky in a Florida convenience store. I loved buying fresh skyr (yogurt) and Icelandic chocolate while fueling the car in Iceland. 

6. Learning the Area

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When you arrive in a new place, your mind floods with thoughts of your itinerary, dinner plans, and confused directions. Still, after a few days in one place, you get a sense of things and know how to navigate from your lodging. A few people say their favorite experience is learning their bearings and getting places without directions. 

7. Packing 

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Another globe trotter expresses seeing all the outfits and accessories they’ll bring on a trip gives them a rush of adrenaline. They also say narrowing down and picking clothes to bring makes them feel like they’re in a YouTube video. 

8. Getting Foreign Currency

foreign currency
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“I like pulling foreign currency out of the ATM, especially if it’s a currency I haven’t used before,” one person says.

Another individual responds, “Yes! It’s all a bit political, but while I appreciate the euro, I really do miss the fun of Deutschmarks, francs, lira, and pesos.”

9. Public Transit

people enter the Streetcar Line in New Orleans, USA. Revamped after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the New Orleans Streetcar line began electric operation in 1893.
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If you live in the United States, you know our public transportation (minus a few big cities) could be better. But other countries, especially Europe and Asia, rely on public transport. Nothing beats arriving in a country with trains, tubes, and buses after traveling solely by car.

10. Bargaining 

Fresh Fruits
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In many countries, bargaining is popular among store owners and markets. Someone shares that their favorite part of traveling is bargaining in stores and markets because it makes them feel like a local and offers a splendid experience. 

11. First Morning in a New Place

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Waking up in a new city and looking out the window brings on an excitement like no other. Whether you’re in a bustling metropolis or a small rural town, it’s the first morning of exploration that sets the tone for your entire journey.

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