15 Ultimate Destinations for an All-Out Coast-To-Coast American Adventure

If you’ve ever wondered how to maximize your enjoyment during a coast-to-coast American road trip, wonder no more: You’re about to discover 15 must-do activities for the journey of a lifetime! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal the best ways to experience the United States in a coast-to-coast fashion. Have you experienced everything on this list?

1. A Broadway Show in New York City

Theaters on Broadway Manhattan - NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 14, 2023
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Taking in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple is exhilarating in its own right, but experiencing a Broadway performance takes the trip to a new level. The production values, immersiveness, and talent on Broadway are unrivaled, and the experience stands alone at the top of the list. New York City has plenty to see and do, but all explorers owe it to themselves to see a Broadway show. 

2. Lobster Fishing in Maine

Lobster boats in Camden, Maine Harbor
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Coastal towns in Maine are known for one specific delicacy: Lobster! Trust me when I tell you Maine is the only good place in the United States to eat lobster. Other states may serve lobster on their menus, but no state does it quite like Maine. For many fans of the cuisine, happiness is dipping freshly cooked Maine lobster in warm butter and enjoying the authentic, delectable flavors you can only find in one part of the country. 

3. A Red Sox Game in Boston

Boston, MA, USA. May 17, 2022: Facade of Fenway Park, stadium of Boston Red Sox.
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Many men and women believe there’s nothing more American than apple pie, but they’re wrong. Actually, nothing is more American than heading to historic Fenway Park in Boston and cheering on the Red Sox! Fenway Park is a must-see for any sports fan, as the last proper “old school” baseball stadium makes an undeniable impression on everyone regardless of age or Boston fandom.

4. Exploring Philadelphia 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I grew up in Philadelphia and can attest to all the great cultural experiences the town offers! “Philly should be on the list,” recommends one Philadelphia resident. “Must-sees include historic Old City, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, and running the steps like Rocky. You also have to catch an Eagles game against the hated Cowboys (go Birds) and do a tour of the best cheesesteak and hoagie places in town.”

5. Clubbing in Miami

skyscrapers on north beach miami
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By all accounts, the Miami nightlife scene is unrivaled not only in the United States but in the entire world. Although the club scene is far from my comfort zone, many people I know make an annual trek to South Beach to party their problems away! If someone is trying to build the ideal coast-to-coast American adventure, it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a handful of Miami’s hottest clubs. 

6. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi Gras parades through the streets of New Orleans
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Enjoying the annual Mardi Gras celebration is a rite of passage for millions of people annually, and you don’t need to be the world’s biggest partier to appreciate the festivities. New Orleans during Mardi Gras has an all-encompassing vibe to it. From exploring Bourbon Street to listening to classic jazz music to eating what I believe to be America’s best cuisine, everybody must visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras at least once.

7. An Architectural Tour in Chicago

Chicago, USA - July 11, 2019: Chicago's Buckingham Fountain, one of the largest in the world, in the windy city's Grant Park on a beautiful summer day with skyline or buildings in the background.
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As one of the premiere architectural cities in the country, it shouldn’t be surprising that many people visit Chicago to admire the breathtaking buildings! Chicago architecture is diverse, ranging from classic Graystone residences to Polish-inspired cathedrals. Luckily, many companies specialize in giving tours of the Windy City’s architectural feats; many take place from the solace of the Chicago River! 

8. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Pool at Yellowstone National Park Colors
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One of the best things about American culture is its national parks system, and Yellowstone National Park is arguably the best park the U.S. offers. “Few places move me as much as the natural beauty of a sprawling wilderness,” expresses one woman. “Yellowstone National Park is a must-see part of America and a glimpse into what the American West used to be like.” Let me put it this way: No visitor is disappointed by Yellowstone! 

9. The Grand Canyon in Arizona

las vegas to grand canyon
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The Grand Canyon is more than just a sightseeing attraction. It’s a natural marvel. To see it is a religious experience for many men and women. Countless people describe it as “everything and nothing that they expected” because it’s much more than just a gigantic canyon in the middle of a desert. Visiting the Grand Canyon acknowledges the vastness of the human experience while marveling at the majesty of the United States.

10. The Las Vegas Strip

New Year fireworks in Las Vegas’s New York New York Hotel. Las Vegas,Nevada,USA. Date:31st December,2017
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For better or worse, there’s nothing like experiencing everything Las Vegas offers! From world-renowned nightlife, endless gambling, and all the alcohol you care to drink, visiting Las Vegas means two things: Throwing your inhibitions aside and leaving the city with significantly less money than when you arrived! What’s more American than that?

11. The National Monuments in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore
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Among the vast wilderness in South Dakota lies two iconic landmarks, both of which add crucial historical context to the United States. “I’d add the Crazy Horse monument and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to any American must-visit list,” advises one man. “It’s a mash of many things but has a rich history. I don’t think you can call yourself an American if you don’t visit those places.” I’m hard-pressed to disagree; this man has a point!

12. Surfing in San Diego

Surfing in San Diego
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Whether you want to ride the impressive waves in Encinitas or the relatively tame surf off Law Street in Pacific Beach, surfers find themselves in paradise wherever they are in San Diego. Does it get any better than surfing off the coast of one of the most beautiful cities in the country? Actually, it can, but only if you follow it up by enjoying some delicious fish tacos afterward!

13. Watching a Football Game in State College

University Park, Pennsylvania, USA-April 2, 2022: The outside of Beaver Stadium. Beaver Stadium is the home stadium of the Penn State University Nittany Lions NCAA college football team
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Knowing people who attended Penn State University can be exhausting due to their undying love and appreciation for their alma mater, but I must hand it to them: They know how to cheer on their football team. College football is an American institution; no community knows how to root for their team more than Penn State fans. Attending a football game at Beaver Stadium is a religious experience that must be experienced first-hand. You do not encounter one hundred thousand people believing in one common goal every day! 

14. Skiing in Aspen, Colorado

Senior male skier skiing in Colorado ski resort near Aspen, Colorado, on nice winter day; more skiers and snowboarders skiing around; woods and mountains in background
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The United States is home to some of the best ski-able mountains in the world, and most avid skiers and snowboarders believe nothing tops Aspen, Colorado. As the kids say, Aspen has the best shreddable powder in the country! Even if you’re not up for skiing, Aspen has some of the most naturally beautiful sights around. The small town is breathtaking in nearly every aspect.

15. Sightseeing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles
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Sadly, most people explore Los Angeles wrong; the city is more than just the Hollywood Walk of Fame and going down Rodeo Drive. Everybody needs to carve out a day visiting Los Angeles,” reveals one travel expert. “Commit yourself to seeing the reality of it: the fancy parts, the sad parts. See the immigrant-built communities in the city and get some street food or food from a small business. Go shopping there, too. Los Angeles is so much more than Hollywood.”

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