12 Unforgettable Tours and Excursions To Add to Your Bucket List

Going on vacation is usually one of the most enjoyable activities surrounding work. In America, we work all year for that one or two weeks of free time and hope to enjoy it thoroughly. Admittedly, exploring a new place on your own is fun and exciting. Still, if you’re in the mood to do some scheduled expeditions, this list can get you started on some incredible opportunities.

1. ATM Cave Tour In Belize

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
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Belize is a small country in Central America on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, bordering Mexico and Guatemala. The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave is the most visited cave in the country and, by all accounts, is a stunning attraction. One user said about their tour: “I usually opt to explore on my own, but I am glad I purchased this tour. Cave swimming, hiking, and a burial site viewing. So much Mayan history and beauty that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise!”

2. Paragliding in Switzerland

Paragliding in Switzerland
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According to one world traveler, a trip through the air over Interlaken in Bern is a must-have experience. Another visitor who’d also done the paragliding over the Swiss Alps said, “We paid at a random table on the street in Interlaken that was advertising it. We didn’t sign any waivers or anything. They said a bus would pick us up on the corner at noon. They did, drove us up to the mountain, gave us brief instructions on the way up, strapped us to an instructor, and sent us down. One of the sketchiest but coolest things I have ever done.”

3. Open Air Helicopter Tour in Kauai

Couple On Vacation Taking Ride In Helicopter on one of the las vegas tours
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One person stated: “I heard you can’t even do open-air anymore. But we got VIP treatment. It had just rained hard and cleared up. So there were hundreds of waterfalls that, to quote the pilot, “would be gone in 45 minutes.” Then, we lucked out, and the area below Mt. Waialeale was clear, so we got to go around that area. The pilot said he gets to fly that portion of the trip five times yearly. Regardless, it was worth every penny. Kauai is amazing, and hovering 75 ft from vertical cliffs with waterfalls was amazing. The pilot was super informative, too.”

4. Overnight Boat Trip in Fiordland, New Zealand

Boat Trip in Fiordland, New Zealand
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For one individual, a boat trip in New Zealand was worth every effort. “We had glorious weather; we had dolphins swimming along with the boat and saw whales and penguins. The day prior, I took a boat trip to Milford Sound, where it was pouring rain. It is still an exciting experience to see how the water pours off the sides of the fjords, as there is no soil to slow it down. The point, however, is that you probably want to take multiple shots at doing stuff in that corner of New Zealand, as they measure annual rainfall by meters, not inches or centimeters. ”

5. Wakeboarding, Thailand

Wakeboarding, Thailand
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Sometimes, the little activities we think are mundane give us the best memories. For one water lover, a trip to Thailand was that ”little activity.” They said: “Random, but I paid to wakeboard on the Gulf of Thailand, and for some reason, it gave me so much joy. I’ve been to a lot of places and done a lot of cool stuff, but that activity was just so fun.”

6. Walking Tour in Kibera Slum, Kenya

Kibera Slum, Kenya
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Every once in a while, we experience something that touches our souls in ways we never imagined. For one family, a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, was that ”something.” They said, “We arranged for a local to take me, my husband, and our 7-year-old son on a walking tour through the Kibera slum in Nairobi. It is something we will never forget as we saw not only extreme poverty but also entrepreneurs and hopeful children playing. I am privileged to have traveled a lot, and that tour from 12 years ago is still vivid.”

7. Icy Hot Walk in Chile

Andes mountains, Argentina Chile
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If you’ve ever wanted to see the Andes Mountains in Chile, one participant shared one way to do it in style. “You climb up a trail to see a glacier and picnic at it. Then you go up this shady mountain road to a gorgeous hot spring where we drank wine and soaked off the rigors of the hike. All of this with great views of the Andes.”

8. Son Doong Cave in Vietnam

Son Doong Caves, Vietnam
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One person said this was the best part of visiting Vietnam for work. “Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam. Astounding Trip. It’s expensive, so it’s out of many people’s budget, but if you can afford it, it’s worth every penny. I was lucky enough to be on a film crew, so it was at no cost to me.” The trip, which takes four days to complete, costs around $3,000 once you’re in the country.

9. Private Cooking Class in Jordan

Cooking class
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If you want to take a cooking class and visit Jordan, you’re in luck. The capital city of Amman offers cooking classes for everything imaginable. From sushi and traditional Jordanian food to courses for youngsters, cooking classes in Jordan are worth every bit of your time. One respondent said this about the opportunity. “Food tours are 100% one of my favorite things to do abroad. No matter how much research I’ve done, I’ve always eaten things I had never heard of and been to places that never turned up. They’re always one of the things I look forward to the most.”

10. Sarajevo Siege Tour

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There’s nothing quite like a personal experience to add something remarkable and memorable to any foreign tour. Someone was gifted this extraordinary occasion on a trip to Sarajevo. “The guides had all lived through the Seige of Sarajevo, and hearing their personal experiences is something.” This capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina kept its dignity throughout the traumatic history of the Bosnian war. To hear a first-hand story would be monumental indeed.

11. Camel Trip Through the Desert

Woman with camel in Morocco, Sahara Desert
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Most often, getting to experience another culture is the culmination for anyone visiting another country or region. One interested party described their Morrocan desert camel trip by saying, “It was only one night, but we had an amazing sunset, slept outside under the stars and a full moon, and then had an amazing sunrise in the morning. Great dinner with lots of mint tea.”

12. Navajo Guided Tour

Native american hogans in Navajo nation
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If your budget is catered more for staying inside the Continental United States, one poster recommended a Monument Valley Tribal Tour as a beautiful way to spend your time. One tourist said, “We spent time in a hogan, a traditional one-room Navajo home where many examples of traditional craftwork were displayed. It was a time not to be missed.”

Trips and Tours

Guided group tour
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Taking a guided tour can introduce you to sites and experiences you might miss otherwise. While they can be expensive, if you ask anyone who’s taken those pricey trips, they’ll likely tell you it was worth the money. So, if you’re looking for your next big adventure, any of the above could fill up your itinerary.

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