11 Cool Things A Traveler Can Do When Visiting A New Destination

Whenever I visit a new country, I somewhat see it as a fresh painting, alive with vibrant colors, textures, and narratives yet to be discovered. Each nation has a unique set of activities to do and things to buy and believe me, there’s nothing quite like these rituals travelers in an online forum recommended for each new country you visit.

1. Taking Cooking Classes

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If you’re looking to explore the culinary culture of a new country, sign up for a cooking class. These classes are offered in many countries and provide a fun opportunity to learn about the local cuisine, as well as make friends with fellow travelers. A user shares, “You’ll get to taste traditional dishes and it’s a great opportunity to meet someone who lives in the area (the instructor).”

2. Buying a Bracelet

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Countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Norway have flags imprinted on a bracelet that citizens wear proudly to signify their love and patriotism for the nation. Whenever a traveler visits, they are encouraged to purchase these bracelets to appreciate the country. As such, this has become a regular country ritual for anyone visiting a new country. A traveler in an online forum says, “During my visit to Kenya, one of the first things I did was buy a Kenyan bracelet. I also got my name printed on it! I’ve collected a couple of these in various countries.”

3. Finding the Best Food Spots

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There’s nothing more joyous than trying local cuisines on your trip. Depending on the countryside, most travelers visit different food spots to learn more about the food. For instance, America is known for the best burgers; it’s only fitting to find McDonald’s or a renowned burger spot once you arrive. Every country has a food specialty, and travelers indulge in a delicious, wholesome experience.

4. Riding on Public Transport

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Riding public transport is a familiar travel ritual, especially for countries with great transport systems. For instance, if you’re used to traveling on the New York Subway, European trains ought to give a diverse experience. Travelers consider this a ritual because it’s a way to interact with the locals, discover the hype, and even visit different places affordably. Public transport is convenient for any traveler.

5. Attending Local Ceremonies

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Whether it’s the Sevu Sevu ceremony in Fiji, the Aboriginal “welcome ceremony” in Australia, or the Maasai cultural ceremonies in Kenya, travelers find local traditions enjoyable. Many online users agree that attending ceremonies is a familiar travel ritual that helps you connect with the people. It’s a chance to learn and appreciate what different cultures are about.

6. Visiting the Markets

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This authentic experience will help you make the most of your destination. Visiting new markets is a travel ritual that allows travelers to soak the atmosphere, interact with the locals, make purchases to bring back home, and provide endless photo opportunities. For instance, India is known for its diverse spices. Visitors commonly visit the country’s best spice shops and markets to see what they offer.

7. Pub Crawls

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Pub crawls have become a familiar traveling ritual for those who want fun and excitement about their trip. This bar-hopping experience will bring you together with travelers and locals alike! It entails drinking, partying, and whirling away time. In general, it’s a lot of merry-making. Travelers who are not shy can enjoy this ritual in different destinations.

8. Find Unique Attractions

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Finding attractions is one of the most common travel rituals. A digital nomad says, “The first thing I do when I get to any new destination is find unique attractions. My last one was the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.” Every country is known for specific attractions, and there’s nothing more exciting than making these discoveries. Whether it’s through a tour guide or with the aid of Google Maps, finding unique attractions is a thrilling experience.

9. Souvenir Shopping

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A lot of travelers commemorate their trip by souvenir shopping. As you take souvenirs home, they are an excellent way to remember different places. With this ritual, you’ll look to purchase items that are unique to your destination. It’s practical to buy a souvenir you’ll use, but it is also an acceptable choice if you prefer an expensive trinket. Keepsakes help you to commemorate your trip.

10. Taking History Lessons

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It’s always best to understand your destination on a deeper level. The best way to do this is by taking history lessons. These lessons have been a travel ritual for as long as we can remember! Some travelers may not enjoy the whole experience of a country before they go through its historic chapters.

11. Changing Currency

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While some travelers would prefer to arrive at their destination, get some rest, and worry about money matters in the forthcoming day, others on an online discussion forum say that changing currency first is more of a ritual. A reviewer comments, “Changing money is a new country travel ritual I relate to. ”

There were also a few light moments where an individual said, “Haircuts are cheaper in a new country than in my own. That’s my ritual.” Leaving haircuts to the imagination, I will join in and say unpacking is my sacred travel ritual because I like to dabble in a little bit of everything.

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