[Full Guide] How To Apply For Visa Extension In USA In 2023

You will be learning how to apply for a Visa extension in the USA, especially if for one reason or another other you are around in the United States and there is a need to extend your visa beyond your usual stay.

A visa is an important document and is required from visitors who travel into the United States along with other documentation.

Once your visa expires, you are expected to travel out of the country but you can apply for a visa extension. To get the full information, tag along to get all the information you need.

How To Apply For Visa Extension In The USA (Step By Step Guide)

Generally, foreign nationals who want to enter the United States have to obtain a visa, which can either be a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay, or an immigrant visa for permanent residence.

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A visa is an important document that you must possess before traveling to the United States.

In the case of visa extension, it is the visitor who entered the United States with nonimmigrant visas for a temporary business, tourism, or both purposes. In most cases, visitors under this category often seek to extend their stay in the United States.

For one or multiple reasons, you might want to extend your stay in the United States, we advise that you apply at least 45 days before your current visa expires.

Because if you remain in the United States after your visa expires, you may be barred from returning and/or you may be deported from the United States.

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Visitors can extend their period of authorized stay in the United States for another 6 months from inside the United States.

This can be done as long as you file your applications before the current period of authorized stay expires.

However, you need to have a good explanation as to why your visa is to be extended to stay for a longer period and why the activity proposed could not have been undertaken during the validity of the existing visit.

Once your application is completed and approved, you can stay for an additional 240 days depending on the reasons behind your request and other factors.

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Ensure you checked the status of your request online through the receipt case number to find out the number of days your stay is extended in the country.

Importantly, you will have to apply for a new visa in your home country. So, in general, you are eligible to apply for a visa extension if you have a nonimmigrant visa. Also, if your:

  1. Nonimmigrant visa status remains valid.
  2. You have not committed any crimes that disallow you a visa.
  3. You have not debased the agreed terms of your admission.
  4. Your passport is valid and will remain valid for the duration of your stay.

How to File for Visa Extension in America

You can extend your visa in the United States. However, there are criteria and processes involved. Interestingly, you can file for a visa extension either online or by paper.

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To File for Visa Extension Online

The online process is not available to all nonimmigrants at this time. That is, they cannot access the file Form I-539 online. So, we advise you to check for your eligibility.

If you are eligible, you can go ahead to create a USCIS online account to file online. You will be required to

  • Create a USCIS online account, and sign in to your account.
  • Fill and submit form I-539 online nonimmigrant visa application.
  • Check if you are eligible for a visa interview waiver.
  • Pay the visa application fee (online).
  • Submit supporting documents.
  • Wait for a decision.

In the case whereby you already have a USCIS online account, all you need do is simply sign in to your account to get started. Make sure you have all documentation needed to ensure your application is accepted.

To File for Visa extension by Paper

Should in case, you be unable to file for your visa extension online, you can do so by paper. To file for a visa extension in the USA by paper, you must:

  • Obtain and read the instructions for Form I-539, to apply for the extension of your authorized stay
  • Fill and complete your Form I-539, and then sign (if applicable)
  • Pay the filing fee as well as the biometric services fee (if applicable)
  • Provide all required evidence
  • Submit supporting documentation.
  • Wait for a decision.

Before going ahead to file by paper, ensure you read through the instructions for Form I-539, regarding the application to extend your nonimmigrant status.

This will help you avoid errors and provide the right information needed for the process.

After You File for Visa Extension in America

Now that you have successfully filed for your visa extension, what happens next? You’re your Form I-539 is received, you will be sent and will receive:

  • A confirmatory receipt of your application and payment.
  • Biometric services notice, (if applicable).
  • Notice to appear for an interview (if required).
  • Notice of our decision.

The Cost of USA Visa Extension

As we continue in our discussion on How to Apply for Visa Extension in the USA, it is important to consider the cost of extending a USA visa.

regarding the cost of extending your visa, the filing fee will cost you $370. The fee covers you and your family included in the application. However, you may be charged an extra $85 fee for the biometrics involved depending on your current type of visa.

Requirements for Visa Extension in the USA

To get your visa extended in the USA, you need to follow the steps below to obtain the application to extend your nonimmigrant status.

So, there are requirements that you need to meet, mostly documents that need to be submitted, these include:

  • Passport Scan. You will be required to provide a copy of your valid passport so that your details and contact information can be acquired.
  • Return Flight Ticket. Submit a note as evidence indicating that these documents are valid for a specific period. As such, you will be required to stay in the country for a little longer. You will be required to show proof of your valid return flight ticket to immigration authorities.
  • Accommodation Proof. You can provide your hotel reservation or a written letter from your host in the United States as proof of accommodation.
  • Valid Email Address. Provide a valid email address to where your documents will be sent to.
  • Pay the fees. You will be required to make payments mostly online or use your debit card.

Once you’ve provided all the information needed above and have properly sent the application, the travel documents will be sent to your email once it is completed.

How long for USA Visa Extension

Furthermore, in our discourse on How to Apply for Visa Extension in the USA, it is important to note how long the USA visa extension takes.

Visitors can apply to extend their period of authorized stay in the USA for another six months.

The process can be done from inside the United States, provided your application is filed before your current period of authorized stay expires.

When to Extend USA Visa

As we continue in our discourse on How to Apply for Visa Extension in the USA is to find out when to extend a USA visa.

It is best to apply for a visa extension while you are still on US soil and also months before the expiration of your current valid visa.

How long to Stay in the US when Visa Extension is Rejected

When you apply for an extension of your visa, and if the response to your application is denied, and your I-94 has expired, you will be allowed 30 days grace period to stay in the US after which you are expected to depart the U.S. starting from the date on the letter notifying you of their decision to deny your extension.

Failure to honor the 30 days ultimatum and refusal to depart within 30 days, will be considered deportable.

Here are commonly asked questions about Visa Extension in the US.

How Much Is Visa Extension In The USA?

The visa extension filing fee in the USA is $370 (for you and any family members included in the application), however, depending on your existing kind of visa, you may be charged an additional $85 biometric fee.

Copy of Form I-94 – Your arrival and departures form obtained at the port of entry into the United States.

Are Tourist Visas Extended Due To Covid?

Do tourist visas get extended as a result of Covid? The deadline for those who are unable to leave the UK due to the coronavirus has been extended to July 31, 2020.

The deadline for switching to a visa that ordinarily requires you to apply from your home country has been extended until July 31, 2020.

How Long Does US visa Extension Take?

Extending a B2 visa usually takes anything from three to 8 weeks of application. A notice of receipt will be issued to your address within 4 to 6 weeks after you file Form I-539 with the USCIS Lockbox facility.

How Do I Extend My US Visa?

How do I extend my visa in the United States?

  • Renewal of a US visa application.
  • Fill out the online application (Form DS-160).
  • Make an appointment for an interview at the US Embassy or Consulate.
  • Pay the fee for renewing your US visa.
  • Renew your US visa by submitting the needed documentation.
  • Now it’s time for the visa renewal interview.

How Much Does A Visa Extension Cost?

You must additionally pay the £475 extension charge to renew your UK visa. The cost of having your biometrics taken is £19.20. A health-related immigration surcharge, the amount of which is determined by your circumstances.

How Do I Pay For A B2 Visa Extension?

What is the procedure for paying for a B2 visa extension? You can pay using a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check to cover the cost.

You can pay by credit card at a USCIS Lockbox location by filling out Form G-1450, Authorization for Credit Card Transactions.

If you’re paying by check, make it payable to the United States. Homeland Security Department

How Can I Extend My Tourist Visa After 6 Months?

As a result, many people who want to stay in the United States for longer than the time limit (typically six months, but it might be less) must file an extension request with USCIS.

The request for an extension must be received by USCIS on or before the foreign national’s visa expiration date.

What Happens If My Visa Extension Is Denied?

What happens if my visa extension application is turned down? If the request for an extension is denied, the applicant is deemed out of status and the B and/or B-2 visas are automatically canceled under INA Section 222. (g).

Becausethe majority of tourist visa extension petitions are denied, applicants should only apply if they have a compelling reason.

How Many Times Can You Extend Visitor Visa USA?

Typically, if you ask for and provide justification for an extension, it will be granted. However, you can only request an extension for a maximum of 6 months.

Furthermore, you are not permitted to request for a guest visa extension as many times as you choose. A B1/B2 visa allows you to stay for a maximum of one year.



So, I believe you have been enlightened regarding How to Apply for Visa Extension in the USA.

You must follow the guidelines above to learn how you can extend your visa. Remember, you must apply for a visa extension while still within the united states, also ensure you do so before the expiration of your USA visa.

Let us know if you find this information helpful in extending your visa to the USA.