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Best Beginner Surf Spots On The East Coast

Surfing and catching the best waves are a thrill. But when you are a beginner surfer, you need gentle smaller waves to ease into it. It’s an excellent idea to learn how to surf at a beach where the waves …

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What Beach Has the Biggest Waves in the US 00

What Beach Has The Biggest Waves In The US?

There are some excellent beaches in the US with the biggest waves, and most are located on the west coast. This article looks at the beaches that are considered to have the biggest waves in the United States. Let’s find …

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Best Beach Towns To Retire West Coast 00

Best Beach Towns To Retire On The West Coast

The vitality of youth and a strong belief in the future virtually guarantees that the last thing young people want to consider is their own infallibility and the gradual onset of old age. Indeed, 73% of adults in the West …

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Best Beach Towns To Live In On The East Coast 00

Best Beach Towns To Live In On The East Coast

Living close to a beach is a dream of many, a bucket list entry, and there are many options when this dream comes to fruition for some lucky humans. Should your choice lie somewhere along the East Coast of America, …

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How Many Beaches Are There In The US 00

How Many Beaches Are There In The US?

Game nights at my home are not only a time of bonding but can also quickly turn into a debate, especially if you have teenagers. A question arose concerning beaches in the U.S. Needless to say; there was a lot …

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5 Oldest Beaches In The US 00

5 Oldest Beaches In The US

Today, the United States boasts countless spectacular beaches along its coastlines that visitors from all over the world come to enjoy. Public beaches, however, are actually a relatively new concept that has only become mainstream over the last century or …

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5 Best River Beaches In The US 00

5 Best River Beaches In The US

All across the US are countless coastal beaches with something to appeal to every type of beach-goer. There is also a multitude of spectacular beaches on the edges of lakes, offering every possible amenity. The lesser-known types of beaches are …

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Affordable Beach Towns West Coast 00

Affordable Beach Towns On The West Coast

Chat to anyone about the West Coast of the US and beach towns in particular, and their eyes are likely to glaze over as they consider, what is for many, a dream beyond reach. Like so many things in life, …

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Affordable Beach Towns East Coast To Live 00

Affordable Beach Towns East Coast To Live

Living on the coast doesn’t have to be a fantasy reserved only for the wealthiest. If you’ve ever wished you could just pack up and head to the beach instead of staring out at the same dreary cityscape, perhaps that …

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Unique Beaches in the US 00

Unique Beaches In The US

“Are you a dog or cat person” “Prefer coffee or tea,” and a perennial favorite “Do you like going to the beach or the mountains?” are often questions you hear around the Sunday barbecue. For those drawn to the beach, …

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