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10 Big Things That Screams I’m Rich Pretending to Be Poor

“What screams rich pretending to be poor?” Typically, I’ve heard it asked the other way around, right? So what screams poor pretending to be rich? Nonetheless, the answers were fascinating, and here are the top ten.

What Screams Poor Pretending to be Rich?

Somehow, I’ve never heard of “Begpacking.” However, it combines backpacking and begging.


One user explained that it’s when affluent Westerner kids travel to low-income countries (Asia or Central/South America) and “bum around in hostels for a few months.”

They earn money through begging from the locals, busking, or doing odd jobs. They continued, “Then they talk about their ‘authentic life-changing experience’ for the next couple of years.”

One explained many use the premise of being too poor to pay $1500 in rent. So instead, they purchased a van for $10k and then spent an additional $20k making it look like a bedroom “to save money.”

Van Life

Several Redditors acknowledged many hippies and artists are evasive about how they support their lifestyle, which includes an “expensive loft in a high-rent city without a proper job.”

Starving Artist

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