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10 Cheapest Countries to Visit

Talk is cheap, but travel, not so much.

Especially when traveling abroad, you’ll find that most trips will set you back a couple of g’s, and that’s WITH travel hacking.

10 Cheapest Countries to Visit

Home of the fabled legends of “Dracula,” Romania is a destination that combines affordability, culture, and historical significance. 

1. Romania

This 238,397 km2 (92,046 sq mi) country also boasts an incredible landscape with the famed Carpathian Mountains carving out the legendary Transylvania region of Romania, where medieval castles and historic towns glorify the scenery.

A country that has endured some horrific historical events, Poland has risen from the ashes and has become one of the best cheap travel destinations in the world.

2. Poland

The country was largely the center of action for World War II, and many of the cities you see today have been rebuilt. In fact, the invasion of Poland near present-day Gdansk is what started World War II.

For travelers looking for a budget travel destination with stunning beaches and incredible food, look no further than Mexico. As the 13th largest country in the world, Mexico is filled with everything you need for a perfect vacation at an affordable price.

3. Mexico

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