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10 Cities People Refuse to Ever Visit Again

Travelers on a popular internet forum share their least favorite travel experiences here.

10 Cities People Refuse to Ever Visit Again

“Cairo. I’ve seen everything I wanted to see there but would never return." a globetrotter says. 

1. Cairo, Egypt

"I did not love someone yanking on my hand and having half a henna design on there before I even blinked,” a jet setter writes.

2. Marakesh, Morocco 

As a native Floridian, I see why this makes a list. If you visit tourist traps like South Beach, the crowded spaces and overrated food will disappoint.

3. Miami

“As a New Jersey resident, there’s something about the outskirts of Atlantic City that just looks and feels so greasy and grimy," a native New Jersey resident adds.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Texans say that megachurches, strip malls, subdivisions, and little else populate Dallas. Another person claims the city combines every bad part of Texas and markets it as a city.

5. Dallas, Texas

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