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10 Crazy Karen Shutdowns You'll Ever See

Adults can be strange; some believe they can act without consequences, but they're occasionally reminded otherwise. Here's what internet users shared when asked for examples.

10 Crazy Karen Shutdowns You'll Ever See

Her mouth was frothing with anger as they chatted away for about forty-five minutes. They think he drugged out the conversation to annoy her.

1. Power Hungry HR Lady

Have you ever worked at a place with the worst HR? A former warehouse worker states that the HR department at their workplace was terrible.

2. When the Tables Turn

They had this horrible sales VP who treated everyone like a servant. She was on the same flight and couldn’t understand how their co-worker was in first class.

3. Flight Attendant Humbles a Sales VP

This salesperson believed the place would fall apart if she left, and they’d beg her to return. When they hired her replacement, it did not sit well with her.

4. The Indispensable Salesperson

This may not be the healthiest use of my freedom, but I remember eating takeout for an entire week after moving out.

5. My House My Cuss Words

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