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10 Famous Places People Voted Aren’t Worth the Visit

Here are a few places tourists in an online travel forum advised against visiting.

10 Famous Places People Voted Aren’t Worth the Visit

New York City’s unique environment appeals to millions, yet the New Year’s Eve tradition, although popular, is not recommended.

1. NYC on New Year’s Eve

I know several LA residents who won’t take their visiting friends or family to see the Walk of Fame because it is dirty and the whole walk is too long for an enjoyable walk.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

The American side of Niagara Falls is a giant tourist trap, and the falls are infinitely better on the Canadian side.

3. American Side of Niagara Falls

The infamous rock symbolizes freedom and hope, but the actual landmark is an underwhelming small rock in a protected container.

4. Plymouth Rock

"The giant housing on artificial islands everyone sees are falling into the ocean and are an ecological nightmare,” a globetrotter expressed.

5. Dubai

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