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10 Genius Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Nevertheless, traveling can rack up the credit card statements and cost more than you planned. So how do you increase your salary while exploring?

10 Genius Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Have you ever met a tour guide? Besides giving tours on the same subject day after day, these folks dedicate their lives to studying their craft.

1. Tour Guide

The world needs more teachers. Facebook and other online platforms are fabulous tools for finding the best places to cement yourself for a few seminars or classes.

2. Teach

For the artists out there, if you like to travel and want to demonstrate your artistic talent, try street art.

3. Street Art

London is a popular venue for street performers to showcase their skills and entertain the public.

4. Street Performer

Any Below Deck fans out there? Working on cruise ships is a fantastic way to explore the world, considering you don’t get motion sick and don’t mind catering to strangers.

5. Work on a Cruise Ship

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