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10 Honest Ideas on What It’s Like Living in America

No country is a perfect place to live, including the United States. For all of its natural beauty, opportunities, and exceptionalism, life in America is far from ideal.

10 Honest Ideas on What It’s Like Living in America

For many respondents, America is the best place they’ve ever lived. For them, it’s a land of unlimited potential and opportunity.

1. It’s the Best Place To Live

I consider myself fortunate to have been born an American and have the opportunity to be gainfully employed, support my family comfortably, and own some property.

2. Lucky To Have Been Born Here

America is a place of beauty, opportunity, hope, and privilege, while it is simultaneously a place of greed, pain, extreme selfishness, oppression and danger, opines one user.

3. There Are Two Americas

Money matters regardless of where you live, but your net worth directly affects your quality of life in America.

4. Socioeconomic Status Matters

The approachability of Americans stands in stark contrast with the aloof nature of people from other countries, says one globetrotter.

5. Americans Are Friendly

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