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10 Honest Things Women Confessed About Marrying a Man for Money

Do you have an opinion about marrying somebody for their money? Someone recently took to the internet to poll women about their thoughts regarding this reality. Opinions varied. Here are some top-voted beliefs women confessed to holding about marrying for the money.

10 Honest Things Women Confessed About Marrying a Man for Money

A woman admitted that it’s not something she would ever do. However, she understands that the dynamic usually involves the spouse with the money, often marrying for the shallowness of their partner’s looks.

1. I Hope Their Choices Make Them Happy

Finally, she sincerely hoped these people’s choices make them happy. Others acknowledged it as a “fair trade” arrangement.

Another woman suggested that money doesn’t change the fact that you’d be spending time with someone you don’t love and denying yourself the experience of a relationship that will leave you happily fulfilled.

2. It Denies Yourself the Experience of a Real Relationship

Many women in the thread confessed they would never allow someone to have that much control over them. One explained it’s not about “mutual benefit” and that the dynamic would be “terribly lopsided.”

3. Not Surrending My Power

Not caring what others do, was one woman’s response. However, she also warned: “I think it’s essential to remember when you marry for money, you will work for every penny in various ways.”

4. When You Marry for Money, You Will Work for Every Penny

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