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10 Outlandish Conspiracy Theories That Could Be True?

Regardless, even people who are not fans of conspiracy theories believe these are the exception. From body doubles to famous ships, here are some conspiracy theories folks believe are true.

10 Outlandish Conspiracy Theories That Could Be True?

One conspiracy theorist claims the movie got its name, so anyone googling Disney and frozen would find info about the film rather than sites discussing the Walt Disney conspiracy.

1. Frozen’s Origins

After all, PETA’s ads attacking people’s weight, declaring women cannot be feminists, and ingesting eggs suggest a high level of unhinged, even trollish behavior.

2. PETA Maligns Animal Rights Activist

When it comes to maneuvers by big companies to stop competition, it’s easy to believe. Apple does ensure most of their accessories must be other Apple products.

3. Apple Petty

Another conspiracy I believe is about Mattress Firm. A poster said they “aren’t only holding mattresses.” 

4. It’s Not Just Cushy Beds

This one feels believable because the government does plenty of shady, unscrupulous things to its citizens.

5. Throwback Thursday Facial Recognition

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