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10 Reasons to Compare America's Worst to Europe's Best

Comparing European countries to the United States seems like an idea that could improve, but people still try.

10 Reasons to Compare America's Worst to Europe's Best

They may have yet to travel, or they might like a specific type of music and not be willing to have an open mind about what other kinds of countries or musical artists offer.

1. Change My Mind

Others were annoyed by the tendency for people to call themselves European and not be specific about the country that they live in.

2. Location, Location, Location

The Balkans, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia, were safer than the United States, and his wife didn’t experience some of the problems she had in the U.S.

3. In Comparison

Cherry-picking the most notorious states in America to compare with relatively affluent places in Europe is setting America up for failure.

4. To Be Fair

People could make these comparisons because they want to provoke a reaction, usually an angry one. Nationalism is a factor in many countries.

5. Getting a Reaction

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