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10 Terrible Things About American Cities

What is the worst thing about your city that many people are not ready to hear? Here are what Americans are saying about their cities.

10 Terrible Things About American Cities

Several people shared they’d been drugged, mugged, and more on “Broadway” in Nashville.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

One noted they had recently moved from Portland, Oregon, with no plans to look back, citing, “We’re not as progressive as people here seem to think.”

2. Portland, Oregon

Several New Yorkers admitted that New York City was trash, rats, and highly overrated despite the continuous praise for being the hub of the world.

3. New York City, New York

Several Redditors suggested that Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in the United States.

4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Many suggested that tech companies that came to Milwaukee brought in people from big cities with higher salaries, and those people are destroying the housing market.

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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