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10 Things Every Tourist Must Experience While in the South

Southerners and frequent visitors know that the South is home to world-class cuisine, historical sites that may as well be time machines and countless other reasons to visit.

10 Things Every Tourist Must Experience While in the South

While most of the best New Orleanian restaurants aren’t in the Quarter, you have to see Jackson Square and walk around this bastion of American history.

1. The French Quarter (And Greater New Orleans)

If you’re a savvy researcher or have deeper pockets than most, you’ll track down more secluded beaches that deliver cool sand and gulf (or ocean) views without the crowds.

2. Florida Beaches

Between the cobblestone streets (Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city), vibrant foodie culture, and quaint-but-bustling vibe, Savannah has become a Southern staple.

3. Savannah, GA

You haven’t lived until you’ve had brisket prepared by one of the South’s premier BBQ joints.

4. Barbecue

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) offers game-day experiences, including massive cocktail parties, cookouts, and boat parties, depending on where you catch a game.

5. An SEC Football Game

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