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10 Things Foreign Families Were Most Shocked

A curious traveler on an Ask An American forum wondered what people with foreign families are most shocked about when they come to America. 

10 Things Foreign Families Were Most Shocked

A user named Lyla insists that the different pizza sizes in the U.S. are shocking. I would have never thought about this when I lived in America.

1. Eating Giant Pizzas

Others with foreign relatives share the sentiment about being awed by the sheer size of our retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco.

2. Going to Big Retail Stores

An Italian-born and raised couple visited the U.S. with their son, who was taken aback by Costco. He said, “Wow!!! It’s like if Amazon was a store!”

3. Millions of Options Available All the Time

This took one American’s “overseas friend” by surprise Drive Thrus for fast food places, pharmacies, coffee shops, banks, and liquor stores.

4. Everything Has a Drive-Thru

One American’s Indian cousin was also shocked by how long you can drive on the road without seeing another car.

5. Needing a Car To Go Anywhere

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