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12 Big Celebrities Who Almost Died While on Vacation

Vacation is a time for relaxation, adventure, and creating memories that last a lifetime. But unfortunately, some celebrities’ vacations took a terrifying turn when they came close to losing their lives. From natural disasters to near-fatal accidents, these twelve celebrities faced life-threatening situations while on holiday.

12 Big Celebrities Who Almost Died

Benedict Cumberbatch had a close call in South Africa in 2005. He and two friends were driving near Durban when they had a flat tire, leading to them being approached by six armed robbers who robbed, tied up, and threw them into the back of a car.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch was eventually thrown into the trunk and feared for his life. However, the robbers eventually dumped the group unharmed on the side of the road.

Anne Hathaway faced a dangerous situation in 2014 while on vacation in Hawaii. She was caught in a riptide while swimming and would have drowned without a surfer who came to her aid.

Anne Hathaway

Chris Hemsworth’s vacation to the Himalayas with his wife took a dangerous turn. At high altitudes, he experienced the effects of thin air, becoming irrational, talking to dogs, and acting like a child.

Chris Hemsworth

Finally, his wife noticed he wasn’t getting enough oxygen and alerted the guides, who acted quickly to adjust his oxygen levels and bring him down the mountain. It was later revealed that another day at that altitude could have resulted in oxygen deprivation and death.

Travis Barker and Adam Goldstein were part of the music group “TRV$DJAM” on a charter flight as part of their tour. Unfortunately, the plane crashed, and four out of six people, including pilots and two others, lost their lives.

Travis Barker

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