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15 Perfect Travel Destinations Around the World

Here are 15 options to inspire your next journey.

15 Perfect Travel Destinations Around the World

The sprawling expanse of green land and water captivates you as brown bears fish for salmon and native plants sprinkle the mountains.

1. Alaska

New Zealand has activities for everyone. If you want to glacier trek, white water raft, snorkel or enjoy a day at the beach, you have multiple opportunities and locations to choose from.

2. New Zealand

Japan is on my bucket list. From enthralling forests and beautiful beaches to illustrious displays of culture and history, Japan is a widely visited country in Asia.

3. Japan

Iceland’s music scene is eclectic, iconic, and interesting, hosting the Iceland Airwaves music festival each year in the middle of Reykjavik.

4. Iceland

Machu Picchu is not the only thing to see in Peru, but if you visit the South American country without trekking to the wonder of the world, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

5. Peru

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