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15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done To Save Money

We’ve all done silly things to save money. Take a look and see if you’d be willing to do any of these things to save yourself some extra change.

15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done To Save Money

I continued using college and work facilities to print through undergraduate and graduate school, saving me thousands in costs while my personal printer sat collecting dust.

Print at Work/School

I do have a basic tool set and basic yard equipment, but beyond that, if I need a more advanced item, I call on family and friends to help me out.

Borrow Items

Anytime you can share a membership with someone, you can greatly reduce your costs and in some cases, eliminate them. Just make sure you’re willing to give as well as take.

Share Memberships

This one typically does require spending some money in order to gain access to the services, but it’s well worth it in the end.

Take Advantage of Free Benefits

I have great family and friends who are willing to help me save a few bucks by taking my garbage.

Give My Garbage To Others

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