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20 Australia Attractions You Must Visit

There are so many different attractions in Australia to see, and today will be bringing you just 20 of the country’s highlights.

20 Australia Attractions You Must Visit

Stradbroke Island is only a short day tour from Brisbane in Queensland with a fantastic tropical lifestyle.

Stradbroke Island Paradise

The Skypoint Climb is one for adrenaline junkies or people after a unique and unrestrictive view of the coastline.

Skypoint Climb on the Gold Coast

One of the best ways to experience this area is within the Whitsunday Network, which contains 74 different Islands.

Great Barrier Reef & Island Paradise in the Whitsundays

Rottnest is a small island and is best explored by riding on a bike.

Quokkas at Rottnest Island

It’s located in the southern Great Barrier Reef and a brilliant place to visit to explore underwater life.

Underwater creatures at Lady Elliot Island

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