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24 Passive Income Ideas To Build Wealth on Autopilot

Ready to add passive income streams into your life? Here are 24 passive income ideas to start building wealth today.

24 Passive Income Ideas To Build Wealth on Autopilot

Passive income can be earned automatically with little to no work to continue making money.

What Is Passive Income?

Active income is money earned in exchange for time or service performed. Passive income is money earned when completing the work upfront.

What Is the Difference Between Active and Passive Income?

 Look at what skills or resources you have to offer.  Here’s a list of 24 ways to make money passively.

How To Start Earning Passive Income

Having knowledge or skills about a specific topic, sites like Udemy or Skillshare make it incredibly easy to create, host, and sell your knowledge.

Create an Online Course

Enjoy making video content? Consider starting a youtube channel. You can earn passive money via video display ads once you meet the threshold of viewers and watch time.

Start a YouTube Channel

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